"The mangy old British lion..."

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. I used to work with someone who was at school with him - he thought he was a prick then.

    He clearly hasn't changed.
  2. A face I would never get tired of kicking. :evil:
  3. Has he done the country any tangible good since he became one of Her Majesty's Ministers? As a "communications specialist", he fits right in with the rest of the ZANU-NL spin-merchants, but had to be parachuted into Government Office as a Peer, a manoeuvre I find deeply distasteful. His period at the UN (from a brief skim of google-generated pages; not that I've studied it) seems to mark him as one of the worst type of UN apparatchiks, the sort I used to see piggying away at the trough in various African capitals. Spit.
  4. Oh no, we can't have a labour peer suggesting any electoral shennanigans might warrant the stripping of an honour now, can we? :roll:
  5. The irony of a Labour minister lecturing a national leader about the need to hold elections is really quite amusing.

    Did I say amusing? I meant sickening.
  6. Hmmm, so if i was knighted and then had my gang of thugs run around my local town beating and killing people i would keep said knighthood?

    I think not. :roll:

    And if the UK is now a "Mangy Old Lion" (which i disagree) then it is those Zanu-NL FUCKING CUNTS that have made it thus. :x
  7. Des Browne and Gordon Brown... what is it with this name that keeps landing unwelcome on our doorstep....
  8. Lions, Raaargh!!


    Sorry :roll:
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    So, who put him forward for a knighthood then . . . or is that a stupid question?
  10. Douglas Hurd? He didn't deny it on Question Time the other week. However he justified by saying at the time Bob was part of the World Community and was Knighted in part for hosting the Commonwealth Conference.
  11. Disgusting. :mad:
  12. Deleted: double post.
  13. Oh Yes it Is!! If this does not warrant the stripping of his knighthood what the bloody hell would? Global Nuclear War?
  14. Raagh...Raagh!!