The Man Who Would Be King

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. As the sun sets slowly on the Blair legacy, belatedly casting a waning light into the dark underworld of Nu-Labour, people are starting to wonder how different (or more likely worse) it will be under the naked tyranny of Gordon Brown:

    Quote taken from the Sunday Mirror:

    Brown runs a team that makes the Mafia look like a debating society. It is totally loyal to him and anyone who questions his policies is automatically an enemy

    which would be OK if his public spending and taxation policies were not barking mad and future long term misery for UK Plc buried deep in accounting policies that nobody can understand.
  2. Two points:

    1. THE SUNDAY FCUKING MIRROR? Please tell me you didn't buy a copy, thereby supporting those scummy shitbirds, and instead ripped it off the tinternet.

    2. In what way would it be okay to have a megalomaniac in power whose cronies destroy any and all opposition to Broon's policies on any point no matter how small, large, logical or morally right, as long as you agreed with said policies? This man is potentially the most dangerous leader of Britain since Chamberlain for diametrically opposed reasons. Even if he suddenly tripled the defence budget, pulled us out of the EU, gave HM Forces a 50% payrise across the board, jailed Bliar and privatised the railways, I'd still not want him as PM. There is no compromise in the man, and he will not countenance any criticism of his actions or plans.
  3. Why does everyone assume Broon will be getting a bloodless coronation?
  4. Indeed PTP. There are increasing reports of rumblings of discontent within the ranks of Labour at the presumption that Brown will ascend to the Red(ish) Throne. I think this 'succession' has a ways to go yet.

    Of course, it would be interesting - in the same way that watching the Hindendurg crash was 'interesting' - to see Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. I believe I heard it said on This Week that six months into a Brown premiership* Labour would be bemoaing the departure of Blair.
  5. Possibly because Labour's enlightened self-interest is sufficient to ensure they don't publicly rip themselves apart over the leadership issue a la the Lib Dems and many recent Tory races? It's also hard to see who, really, would have a chance at beating the chancellor.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    This cnut honestly thinks that people are too stupid to aportion the blame properly - 50% of it at his odious feet.

    I have higher hopes for the British electorate and expect them to do the right thing, which is keep Labliar well out of power for another 20 years.
  7. Interesting

    Prior to the 2005 General election the majority of the country was anti war and (according to many posters on ARRSE) suffering from the worst healths/education/economic policies since records were kept.

    Labour was voted in AGAIN. The country will not do the right thing and vote the Lib Dems in, although I do hope for a hung Labour government
  8. Biped - you forget that the majority of the public are Sun-reading sheep with little, if any, interest in politics past who smiles the nicest and sounds as though he knows what he's doing. And that's if they can be bothered to get off their fat arrses and make their way to the poling station. They will do what the Scum tells them so whoever steers the comments placed in it will have a relatively large chunk of the public at their mercy. It pains me to say it but I imagine Labour will be looking to start the next round of 'spin' soon to buy the voters and ensure they remain in office until such time as 100% of my wages disappear in the form of one tax or another.

    Or am I just being cynical about the whole politics and media relationship ?
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Erm, so you are saying things have got better for everyone under Broons fiscal rules has it?

    Underfunding of the armed forces, p!ssing money up the wall at the health service and edoocashiun before ripping it all back again, paying the politicians ever more money in wages and rip-off expenses, ever increasing taxes, stealth taxes, an every increasing national debt that will only be paid by even more taxes . . . for the next ten years.

    Do you actually want this widow licker to be PM?

    Edited to add: Barclays Banker, oooh you are so cynical! If the great British electorate was THAT stupid, Labour would be in power for years and . . . ooooh gaawwd!
  10. No

    I want Menzies Campbell to be PM. Alternately a hung government under Brown so that we can get PR back on the books.

    However, in 2005 the country took all the supposed faults You highlighted and gave the government a more than clear majority. This suggests that either Your post is ill informed or the voters are fools.

    Some voters may be, but enough of them to support the policies You think have done the country down?
  11. About 50% of the population either work for the Government or rely on it totally for financial support. New Labour will once again play the fear card, fear of cuts in the Public Sector and cuts in support to those on benefits to ensure they return to power.

    They will also describe their opponants as institutionally racist with little in the way of proof to scare the immigrant population into continued support for their party.

    We no longer live in a civilised society where important matters can be debated by all parties to identify the best solution for the people. UK politics has followed the US version where no stunt is too low if it results in holding onto power (remember Dubya scaring all the ladies in the bible belt about the destruction of christian society that would be caused by gay marriage, 9 million of them voted for the first time so that the evildoers could not follow through their demonic plans(numbers increased/decreased due to not having the actual stats available)).

    Emigrate, its the way forward.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    There ya go SVEN. Looks like a 'slam' dunk to me.

    The IMF:
    My post was not ill-informed, how could it be?

    Maybe the suggestion that voters are stupid is not completely true. After all, millions of tree hugging, dole bludging, commie, whinging, prolifically breeding, under-age, drug taking, enthnic immigrants and all variations in between and mixes of are far from stupid. They know where their bread is buttered, and they know that stupid, oh-so-liberal or oh-so-commie d!ckheads like you are looking out for their interests at the expense of the hard working minority.
  13. Sven - what odds on another Lib-Lab pact? Will the Libs be shafted again, fittingly by a man caleed "Brown"?
  14. Surely you mean "hanged".

    As for the Limp Debs, they are an inept bunch who couldn't organise a p1ss up in a brewery.