The Man who would be King soundtrack download

I am after some advice from anyone.

I am not a downloader of music, my MP3 player basically has all my CDs on it.

However I am after a copy of the soundtrack of the classic film The Man ho would be King I can only find copies on Ebay/Amazon for £100 and I don't need it that much!

It seems that I can download it but I don't need or want any other tracks and don't want to sign up to anything.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

By soundtrack i take it you mean the songs/music....

Try "Irish music" on google.

Lots of sites that do rebel/republican music - including traditional songs adopted by the rebs/reps etc.

You'll get the "Minstrel Boy" words and music on most of them. Very old song.
They did sing the Minstrel Boy, but the words had been changed for those of some dreary Anglican hymn.

The version used at the end of Blackhawk Down is good, Joe Strummer and the Mescalleros, I think.
Thank you One Tap :D

Nice one - I didn't want to get into the pedantics of the Irish divide.

Many years ago in the Argyll's every "smoker" ended up with everyone singing rebel songs - most were protestant but quite a few catholics - however them songs were sung till dawn.

Like ma grandpa used to say "after 1745 the scots n irish n welsh built the empire"

You beat me - but you'll clothe me, you'll feed me and you'll PAY me?? AND I get to fight??? Where do I sign???

Watch out though 'cos the IRA (the RA) and Al Qaeda have joined forces... If you hear the war cry "Chucky Ar Allah" - its that lot :D

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