The man who invented the doner kebab has died.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Circus_Pony, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. A true hero.
  2. Rest In Peace Sir

    I will salute you tonight with a large Doner avec Garlic Mayo & Chilli.

    My thoughts are with your family and the many food processing staff all over the world that "mechanically recover" bits of left over Sheep into Squaddies favourite suppertime treat.


  3. RIP - many a doner with spicy chilli sauce shall be consumed this day
  4. Wasn't an 'Art Attack, was it? I hear there's a lot of that going around of late.
  5. B0ll0cks he invented that.
  6. No. I think he may have had the idea of adding b0ll0cks TO it... Never mind, "1 large with all the trimmings, Mustapha, my Man" shall be my request tonight...
  7. I have a question, which has never been answered:
    Is doner meat, which has been repeatedly warmed and cooled, safe to eat?

    Especially in the less busy shops, (1) the heater is turned on in the evening, and the outer meat gets hot ...... and the inner meat gets just warm.

    Then, (2) at closing time, the heater is turned off and the meat cools.

    Then, it seems, (1) and (2) can be repeated over a period of days or weeks, with the same large cylinder of meat.

    I've eaten the stuff, but, sometimes, I can't fancy it.

  8. The soldier lost a friend today. :cry: RIP
  9. I think it's fine - it's not like they serve the thing that quickly that you are served with cold/warmish meat. Also, I think it's good practice to the body to pathogens.

    When I was 19, I remember eating a packet of sausages that were over two weeks out of date. At the time I was told by my dad, that he was not going to help me if I fell ill.

    I was fine. Which I think was a fine testament to army scoff and it's immune boosting properties (probably by giving them lots of exercise) :)
  10. I know what I'm having tonight now. :D

    Rest in Pitta sir :p
  11. get his thighs up on the grill.

    sliced/diced with a bit of salad/garlic/chilli.

  12. How much tender meat is there on an 87 year old cancerous thigh?
  13. Stand Down brave slicer. RIP.

  14. Apparently that is why it should only be eaten after large amounts of alcohol as (1) You then suffer from the age old squaddie conundrum was it the Donner or was it the lager.(2) Its like a ginger burd would you still do one when sober?

    RIP sir may you rotate in heaven and no salad with that I'm watching my weight.