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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. A mate of mine has recently bought his own gaff. Now seeing as he has no woman in his life he's making a point of making his pad a "ManPad".

    He's after helpful advice hints and tips on what the most maly of items are to have in your house. As his marra's we all got to pick an item each and if it was reasonably priced he'd go out and get one.

    Now we're running low on ideas so Arrsers. "Pimp my mates pad"

    My choice was an old second hand radio with a broken tape player covered in paint and plaster!
  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    An entrenching tool and a bag of leaves.
  3. blow up rubber doll with puncture repairs
  4. A Lazyboy chair! And a beer fridge :)
  5. Half done... Doesn't have the puncture repairs but will take my old bike repair kit round and fcuk it up with a knife!
  6. Porn. Lots of porn.
  7. A bar fridge beside his chair.
  8. An eastern european woman, about £400 I am led to believe.
  9. Pick up some random chick from downtown for him - they are cheap (well a couple of bootles of blue wkd should get you one), and best of all they are c items!! if you break it, go get another the following night :)

    (fully expect irate wives and girlfriends too respond but hey its thursday and lm bored s***less...)
  10. A small four year old which can be kept in the cupboard, usually pick one up quite easily in Portugal.
  11. Bless him he is a true man. His fridge consists of microwave pasta tubs, beer and UHT milk.

    He's using ORP Brew kit too.
  12. Assorted engine parts scattered around the gaff, a samurai sword and a bound and gagged female hidden in the airing cupboard.
  13. A sexswing and a Fleshlight
  14. Fleshwhat??? Is this some kind of head torch made out of dead toddlers?
  15. beer fridge
    plasma tv
    recliner chair
    porn in the toilet
    big fcuk off sound system (with loads of flahing lights)
    Laminated phone list (next to phone, obviously) listing, take away's, restaurants,pubs,cinemas,whores,crack dealers etc.
    beer fridge
    selection of sports and porn dvd's
    beer fridge.....

    .....and did I mention a beer fridge.