The Major....

We've had various discussion on the Major who tried to con a million out of a gameshow, but, to me, we are a load of hypocrites.

Most of us would do most things for a million quid, including fiddling a competition.

His only crime was...getting caught!  ;D
Have to agree. My answer was “if I could get away with it”.

Some on here have admitted to be willing to give a blow job for 100,000!

Man got caught but did nothing more than what most of us would do in similar circumstances.
Ha, Ha, Ha. Dz.  ;D

Me thinks he and most other Cooker Repairers/Pace Stick polishers would. ;D ;D ;D.
Lets face it, squaddies are hardly the most moral section of society. If there is a chance to do something and get away with it most of us would have a crack.
The Majors big flaw was being to daft to get away with it, well thats rodneys for you. I bet your average senior would have pulled it off.....
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