The major from Swindon leading US marines in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shandyswiller, Jul 13, 2005.

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  1. If he is the same guy Im thinking of . A Good egg, with a lisp.

    The major from Swindon leading US marines in Iraq
    By Oliver Poole at Camp Ripper
    (Filed: 13/07/2005)

    An officer from the Royal Marines has been put in charge of American troops to make use of the counter-insurgency expertise Britain gained in Northern Ireland.

    Major Richard Maltby, 34, is seconded to the Second Marine Regiment, deployed in the troubled province of Anbar in western Iraq. He is the first foreign officer to be responsible for US combat troops in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

    This month an operation was launched in the city of Hit, which had been effectively controlled by insurgents since November. As more than 1,000 US marines conducted house-to-house searches, Major Maltby, from Swindon, led 408 men in a sweep of the Euphrates valley to the east.

    They uncovered arms caches containing 24,000 rounds of ammunition and hundreds of mortars, rocket launchers and machine guns.

    "They sometimes have difficulty understanding what I am saying on the radio because of my accent," said Major Maltby. "But I believe I have gained their respect in a difficult situation."

    He was sent to California in August 2003 to teach cold-weather warfare, but when the regiment was sent to Iraq in February a different set of skills were needed.

    "He was the most experienced man out here as a result of the Troubles," said Col Stephen Davis, his commanding officer. "You need great sensitivity to deal with the multiplicity of complex situations we face."
  2. a move in the right direction, perhaps a British officer could be seconded to as many US units as possible to impart our Knowledge.
    our Army is good but we are small, the American have more men, so it could work out more efficient way of spreading British SOPs.
  3. Sorry, i thought it said the Mayor of Swindon.

    I'll get my coat.
  4. The US military has an extensive exchange program. A Canadian general officer was DCG of III Corps which is unheard of at that level. CF pilots have flown the C-17/C-130 on exchange. The 82d used to exchange Major's as well as the SF. It certainly is a compliment to the RM to have an officer on exchange to the USMC, as jarhead will tell you they are the best Marines in the world. :wink:
  5. All that interaction and yet the USMC has yet to adopt the RM penchant for dressing in women's clothing. :lol:
  6. He was sent to California in August 2003 to teach cold-weather warfare...obviously the top priority at that particular moment!
  7. Tomahawk6 wrote

    Booties on exchange to the USMC take it in their stride. Jarheads have a hardon for Royal who perhaps unkindly refers to the USMC as Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (who can't muster a proper 'tash between them. Little under nose caterpillar is all.)

    Seriously, don't know the guy but I'm sure the Jarheads will be as loyal to him as they are to each other.

    My geography may be rusty. I don't associate California with cold.
  8. It does actually have some cold-ish areas, notably the Shasta range of mountains in northern California. ;)


    Mt Shastina.

    I've got a jography O level, I have...
  9. Erm, so what about all that skiing at Lake Tahoe?
  10. Although why the British military continually go-on about northern ireland as if that make's us the only people with Co-in experienceI don't know. After all the US has been in Afghanistan since 2001 and in iraq (at a much higher op tempo than in MND SE) since 2003. I think they have garnered quite a bit of operational experience of their own. NI was useful operational experince but still harping on about it all the time 8 years after the beginning of the current cease fire is a bit much. It's not the answer to everything.
  11. Pah.

    That's not cold. Northern Norway is cold. Why don't the USMC get themselves to Norway and train with Royal and the Noggies there?

    I've been to California and only saw and felt warm bits (must have been San Francisco then 8O ). When unsure of the detail it's always easier to get others to look up an atlas or google. Thank you Bernoulli and AP :wink:
  12. Oddly enough, the only place I have been in California was also San Francisco..

    What do all those funny coloured flags signify?
  13. ermmm......don't mean to p.iss in your cornflakes but they were there back in 1984/85/86 with the Bootnecks and Norgies. Unless I saw pretend USMC battlegroup that is.