The main threat to stabilisation in Middle East...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jcarver007, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else thinking what Im thinking?....

    Its looking like oil is not going to be the future cause for conflict in the middle east but more likeley the lack of drinkable water for many countries...

    Yemen does not have the same de-salinisation systems in place as Saudi, and is fast running out of drinkable water sources. It also wont be able to afford the cost of putting them in place unless it gets help. Cue US funding in return for increased presence in the Arabian Peninsular and thus dealing with the threat from AQAP with UAV's.

    Syria and Iraq rely on the Euphrates and Tigris which are both struggling from limited rainfall. Also Turkey's plans for a damn have angered Syria especially. Turkey now sees itself as having the upper hand and being a dominant player in the middle east.It also plans a super pipeline to provide water to neighbouring Arab countries and Israel - a pipeline that will cross potentially warring neighbours.

    Israel's water problem is severe too - sea of Galilee is below the line where it may not recover for a decade and water is still pumped out. Desalination plants are being rushed through. Water is pumped to Palestine but only in a trickle and if the situation gets worse will the pumps be turned off for longer?

    Egypt is threatened by whats happening upstream of the Nile and the use of water by others. The now ousted president even hinted at force to protect Egypts quota of water...

    Jordan, Iran and others are in a similar predicament. Egypt and Jordan have both said previously that they will not go to war with Israel..unless it is to protect their water supplies.

    And now fundamentalists are adding water into their teachings with regards to the sharing of water with non muslims - an issue that is likely to cause problems in the future. Shari'aa law -itself meaning the sharing of water - is being applied by Sudanese in its view on sharing water. Its increased alignment with Iran and terror groups has had a huge effect on Egypt's tourism and security. Add to this Egypts insecurity over its water quota .....

    So, what does this tell us? some shares in desalination companies and thank god we get rain all year round?
  2. Relax 'jcarver007' - you raise serious points. but relax and remember that the leprous grinning spiv Bliar is in charge of stability, peace and happiness in the Middle East.
  3. I have read something similar before. I guess we will be charged around 40 pounds for a bottle of volvic soon.
  4. The main threat to stabilisation in Middle East...?

    Is sand, it's just not stable you know.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Pardon me but would you kindly refrain from diverting the attention of politicians and environmentalists towards a real problem and away from climate change? It took a while to get that scam in place and we don't need people talking about running out of water or highlighting the fact that the global population is set to increase by at least 2 billion by mid-century or indeed talking about any subject which requires us to actually do something effective to solve a difficult problem.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to plan my schedule for the next Climate Change boondoggle.
  6. It certainly will be oil. When those ******* start running out of it, they are going to be mightily upset.