The main cause of the strike is ...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Workers are too greedy

  2. Namely this government

  3. British political system

  4. British economical system

  5. Strikes are unavoidable

  1. I am caught up in this strike, my view is that workers are not greedy, merely safeguarding their finacial security for the future, Im not happy about losing a days wages, but the security of myself & family financially in the future is worth it
  2. Maggy had it right. Just needs to go a stage further. Anyone who strikes should be shot.

    Striking is pure cowardice. Gang mentality. Look at what happened to the 'scabs' when strikes were common place. They were actually having to work, to feed their families. How were they treated? Beaten and outcasted.

    I have had many a debate with my Grandad about this and it always ends in fireworks. Don't suppose it helps that he's a commie :D
  3. It seems to me that while I agree that the commercial sector are being hit hard with the pensions crisis and therefore is seems unfair that the rest of the population should subsidise Local Gov't employees the Gov't has already agreed to do just that for the other public sector workers. It seems only right that these worker should be treated in the same way as the others were i.e if you are now in tehn rule 85 applies but new rules for all joiners after set cut off date ( Apr 06?). I think the gov't has really caused this by not taking a stand earlier.

    However who am I to complain? We do well in the Armed Forces no matter which scheme you have chosen.
  4. You should know this one sergey. The correct answer is "... the inherent need of the industrial proletariat to rise up and overthrow the contradictions of Capital".

    Didn't they teach you anything in school? :D
  5. Dear Sir!

    Not only in school, also at university. There were courses of history of Soviet communis party, dialectical materialism (including short history of philosophy, I adored to read Imm.Kant), historical materialism, political economy of capitalism, political economy of socialism, scientific communism.

    By the way Marxist's political econony of capitalism is not a silly thing at all. And I'm sure that any educated person should know it (it is another question do you agree or disagree).

    As ever I haven't voted myself (not to distort views of British soldiers). However, I strongly doubt that namely this government is the main cause of the strike. Strikes took place previously in the UK.
  6. The answer to this is very simple. If you follow a career path in the commercial sector you make as much money as you can for as long as you can, working as damnded hard as you can but sometimes trampling on whoever you can as long as you make the cash. Lots and lots of cash, from who ever will give it to you and as much as you can get! You then provide from that cash, your holidays, your benefits (nice house, car etc) and your pension. The world is your oyster, you get out of it whatever you are prepared to put in.....
    As a public servant (PS) you do all the jobs that a commercial sector man (CSM) would never consider doing as he is too busy making loads of cash and creating jobs for others so that they too can have nice houses and flash cars. The PS empties the CDM's bins, teaches his kids, soothes his ailing brow (unless he's with BUPA), repairs his roads for his flash car, etc etc. For this CSM pays taxes, lots of taxes that pay the PS and funds his pension. PS will never earn as much as CSM in a million years and will never enjoy the lifestyle of CSM but he is happy cos he knows that while CSM goes on his second skiing holiday and views the latest drop-head coupe for the summer, CSM's lifestyle and pension is always at risk while PS happily arrests the kid on an ASBO disturbing CSM's sleep his wages and pension are gold plated and secure....... Or so he thought! When Govt undermines PS and his benefits by placing him in the same risk zone as CSM you are heading for meltdown.... trust me, this strike is valid! I have defended the Realm and eradicated the Queen's enemies in all sorts of shitholes all round the globe and never have i worried about my long term future as i know the PS pension i have earned is rock solid and that for receiving a lower wage than my CSM counterpart i can enjoy a little earlier retirement as recompense for not having a Porsche. Support the PS workers, do not decry their aims, if they fail to secure simple guarantees for their future then the armed services will be next and the whole balance of CS/PS will fail and there will be chaos......
    "Hey Scargill, here you are mate, you can have this soap box back now, im off down the NAAFI"......
  7. Pat on the back Taff-Cav :D
  8. As readers of my blogs will know, I'm about to retire. I'm fortunate to have a reasonable pension (to which I've contributed). If my employers had changed the rules in the way that the government are proposing for public sector workers I'd be absolutely stuffed. I don't blame them for protesting.
  9. Communist talk, guards sieze him!
  10. 7 votes for 'Workers are too greedy' and currently lying second.

    Well, that's what you get for posing a question like this in a forum which can't strike! :D
  11. Will anyone notice? Try ringing the council here re. council tax, parking permit etc and it's always "Oh the person you need is off sick/ on holiday"
  12. tried to change the rules in the middle of the game far play chance it for new entrysbut not
    ok you signed up for early retirment at 55 oh by the way its now65 or nothing.
    does'nt apply to teacher or coppers does it?
  13. Hey Vonshot.... you are wrong to have me arrested and serially buggered with a bratwurst. I am no commie!! Hey i spent years patrolling the IGB protecting all those CSM's from the 3rd Shock Army (that the 3rd SA were all busy drinking the anti-freeze in their T62s and were in no fit state to invade is immaterial). If it wasnt for me and many other Asbach soaked BAOR warriors we would all be speaking russian now and queing for State Bread! No way mate, i fully support the working mans right to own a Porsche and have many holidays and while the wife's away in Harrods buying a new Mink stay at home and roger the fillipino maid. All i am saying is that if you work for Her Majesty in any sort of way or form and have to accept crap wages but good pensions and early retirement then you should be able to fight for that right and the only way these ministry folk understand anything is through direct action (sadly)........ that is unless your a Fireman; where it seems that you can regularly hold the Govt to ransom and place innocent people at risk for better conditions and even higher wages than the full pay on a 3 day week they already enjoy; a retirement age of 45; a second income from Taxi driving and 'Spanish' practices and for what exactly? Sitting around watching porn films and playing pool or lifting weights while waiting for some cat to get stuck up a tree or little Billy to get his head stuck in a railings...... But thats a different subject.....