The Magna Carta is safe for now.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. Five defeats for anti-terror bill

    2 points.

    1. Well done the Lords , thank you for reminding me I'm a citizen in the greatest country on God's green planet. I was worried, but my faith is being restored.

    2. Who decides 'reasonable suspicion?' Sounds like a desperate attempt to get all the nasty bits under the carpet.

    I expect Blur will re-double his efforts to give the Lords it's P.45 now.
  2. Personally I'm astounded by the strange silence from the left wing, who for decades have been decrying the Lords as an undemocratic anachronism. Perhaps they are pulling their heads from their arrses in shock as they realise that the Lords are the only thing between us and a police state.

    I do love it when they are proved wrong. Again.
  3. Isn't 'Reasonable Grounds' a very Liberal Term?

    Who is to decide what are reasonable grounds? In this country I believe that detention is the accepted form of punishment ONLY after evidence and legal debate have been taken into consideration by a jury of the accused peers and the accused has been found guilty.

    Where will the first Gulag be built then?
  4. The left wing isnt proved wrong, they dont want these measures either.
  5. So the left will vote which way?

    Wasted on rejected forms of Socialism...........or on a weak form of Liberalism that is so Wishy washy in its approach that it could do the electric maze thingy at school fairs in a matter of minutes.........same impact though.
    Short of genuine leftish policies, happy to beg from a Conservative bowl full of ideas and desperate to hang on to power, other than a rephrased set of lies.....Labour amounts to what?
  6. I think you might notice I said the left wing, not the right wing views being spouted in Labours name today.
    I dont know which way the left wing will vote, do you know where the right wing stand on terrorism?
  7. Errrrrmmmmmmmmm, you're a subject not a citizen PTP - unless the UK's become a republic in my absence?! 8O But I'm with you on the rest of it! :wink:
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    YEP !

    (I love the easy questions !)
  9. Easy for you :D not easy for Howard :wink:
  10. well where Howard leads, BLiar will follow ..............if it seems popular :roll:
  11. Very true...