The * Machine.

Is it just me or has the swear word detector moved up a gear?

I read "urine off" in a post. 8O The alternatives for p155 seem to have all been covered by 'autoconvert'. Except that one :wink:

Tw4t becomes twat, the old substitute @ doesn't work. How about fcuk and cnuts? Still working.

If someone is swearing for the sake of it, would it not be more appropriate to remove the post? Swearing and modified swearing have their place, even in the highest brow ranting. We need words to describe people like Jack McConnell.

'*' has no venom!
how about ******?
obviously not :D
Gunny Highway wrote:

bolllocks, shiit and piiss still work.
Thank **** for that!
Kingo - but not to be used except in emergency.

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