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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Telegraph
    Helicopter price tag doubles to £2bn in a year
    By Russell Hotten

    Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, is being called on to clear up confusion over why the cost of an army helicopter contract appears to have doubled to £2bn in under a year.

    Last year the Ministry of Defence said that the contract for 70 Lynx helicopters, awarded to AgustaWestland, would cost the taxpayer about £900m to £1bn. But in answer to a parliamentary question, Adam Ingram, armed forces minister, said the contract would be worth £2bn. The shadow procurement minister, Gerald Howarth, said: "If it is true that the cost of this project has doubled in 12 months then we need an immediate explanation."

    One source involved in the contract, under which the helicopters will be delivered from 2011, said that the MoD had probably now added in the cost of spares, VAT and wage inflation. But in Mr Ingram's answer, which lists the top 20 defence procurements, no other contract has been inflated with such additional costs.

    The MoD told The Daily Telegraph that the figure could be a typing error, but despite requests for further clarification it did not return calls. Francis Tusa, a defence analyst who first spotted the increase, said: "Someone has some serious explaining to do."

    Had to post this, couldn't resist after the title came to me...
  2. thats 12m a cab? 900m for 70 lynx. Fkin hell!
  3. My boss goes stark fecking crazey if I overspend by a fiver!

    This "overspend" is fecking way over my head.
  4. My boss goes stark fecking crazey if I overspend by a fiver!

    This "overspend" is fecking way over my head.
  5. I like the way the MoD said it could be a typing error. What they are really saying is that they have been royally bu**ered in another contract and would prefer if people did not ask too many questions about it.
  6. That's Des paying for his seat on the board when he gets out of politics.
  7. WTF? Really, WTF? How intellectually challenged does one have to be to even consider using the excuse that something so serious could be a mere typing error? Do they hand out labboons and 'comfort window-panes' in the 'new starter' packs in Whitehall these days?

    The incompetence of departments never ceases to amaze me and I can only guess how much of it can be directly attributed to the 'special advisors' that TCB brought in over experienced department heads. A few people's heads need to roll for this... :pissedoff:
  8. DB - anybody can make a mistake - with other peoples hard earned lolly.
  9. Not really an issue. First estimate 900m to 1bn is the cost of procurement and getting the kit in service with the right bits stuck on it. The rest is projected through life costs. Different departments with different figures and the wrong person answering the questions at a guess.
  10. When are these f***wits going to remember? Obviously nobody in Government thought that making a b0llock order job of the Olympics was enough.
  11. I can picture the scene: Swiss Des saunters into the AgustaWestland Boardroom clutching the contract and the Chairman slinks up to him going "Bow-chicka-wow-wow".

    Door gunners - Spray more, get more.
  12. Yes, but to put it in perspective at 2bn for 70 Lynx's we could:

    a) Put on a jolly nice athletics show for a couple of weeks in 5 years time.


    b) Have 700 Lynx helicopters.

    Obviously a few less Lynx's and a few more useful bits of kit that actually work in weather above luke-warm would be good.
  13. Agreed. The Torygraph thought it had a story but didn't.

    It's also fair to say that the left hand never knows exactly what the right hand is doing.
  14. Evidently a Blackhawk costs £6 million per aircraft, half the cost of a Lynx, maybe we should get a few cheap from the US, to boost chooper numbers in Afg.
  15. And that is the major problem, we could of bought a more modern chopper, for half the price. The new westland 'super' copter, cost's somthing like 10mil more than the chinnok, we have p1ssed about with eurofighter for years, when we could have bought the f15. Nimrod - E series anyone?