The lynx effect

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grey_Mafia65, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. I'm not giving up hope just yet then. :)
  2. :puker:
  3. When oh when will we get away from this sort of american bollix, of "lets sue if it isnt this or that" ?

    If Lynx didnt get you laid, then you are obviously the sort of fecktard who if you fell in a bucket of tits, you would come up sucking your thumb, get over it.

    If this lame excuse for a bloke gets a payout, then im suing, Mars, for not letting me work rest and plaaayyyiiaa, Loreal because when I used it, I didnt feel it was worth it, and bodyform, because it didnt make me feel like playing netball with women in white shorts etc etc etc.

    FFS, this sort of thing has to stop, why can people not just accept they are ugly cnuts, and no amount of body spray will change it?

    Fook me, if the best you can hope for out of life, is to sue some big corporation because the admen got it wrong, then might I suggest spending your cash on a Mr Browning, and capping your stupid head off!

  4. I can smell you from here and you smell of chip-pan oil. Are you a council tenant? Have you considered a deoderant.....?
  5. Sadly, to spoil your fun, I have never lived in anything council owned, ever.

    I just get wound up by this sort of americanised bollix, and it annoys me that the rest of the world is following suit.
  6. this guy's getting a bit abusive isn't he.

    especially for somebody who isn't in the army yet.

  7. I do hope you dont mean me?
  8. no i mean the one who called you a council tenant and me a stoat.

    for no apparent reason.
  9. Bad Idea. Browning's would go out of business as he sued them for failing to end his misery when he missed ... even if he put the barrel against his skull, he'd have to be damned lucky to blow his brains out.

    He's probably been swilling the stuff instead of wearing it :roll:


    Unless, of course, we have a bona wah going on here 8)
  10. No flies on him, then !

    I hope that's a beard I can see on his face ...
  11. Where's the helicopters?