The Lynx effect ... stunning visuals!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Harry_Boomers, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. Was sat comfortably on the sofa last night, beer in hand watching the TV. When the new Lynx advert comes on. Apparently there are two girls wearing Jodhpurs rubbing mud into each other! I wasn’t really paying much attention to that but looking at how visually stunning the art direction was. Anyway Mrs Boomers wanders in from the kitchen and wonders why im sat there drooling!

    “ Im just appreciating the way the Lighting director has made great use of the natural light” says me.

    “ F**K off you’re a C**T “ Says she…… Now is that out of order or what?
  2. No, Im with you on this one, my eyes fair popped out of me head when I saw this one, is there like an extended Cinema version.. Cracked up when the guy sprays himself and jumps in Mrs G was likewise unimpressed as she spends lots of time on ponys in her johdpurs and cut me off before I even had time to comment with a resounding NO !
  3. Yeah .... double standards in my house she will quite happily drop everything when that dwarf Cruise shed his clothes!
  4. Why though? If the rumours are to be believed......
  5. [Why though? If the rumours are to be believed......[/quote]

    I know thats what makes it even worse!