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It just tears you in half.

RIP , remembered always.
RIP, friends.

I know this may sound selfish, but the level of dedication that goes into ceremonies like this brings me some comfort. It's nice to know that in the unlikely event of me biting it, someone will be there to welcome me home.

It also shows that our friends and colleagues are never alone, even in death.
I too shed a few tears found it very moving to watch, my thoughts are with the relatives and loved ones.

Very bitter about the news coverage also.

very sad and moving. eyes got very wet watching but why do the beeb have to say on the am news that their chopper crashed when we all know it was shot down. R.I.P. God bless you and keep you safe. NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN.
God bless.
very moving, especially the way the clouds shadowed on the runway at brize, good send off, hope it bought the family some pride and comfort.

I remember doing the same in SLB in 2003 on more than one occasion.
There is never a shortage of willing volunteers, you practice like hell and no one wants to put a foot wrong - but you would'nt have it any other way.
Its probably the most fitting way for service personnel to return in under such circumstances.
Everyone involved did a fantastic job and ensured it was a fitting tribute, showing the world what we do best - treat our own with dignity.

God Bless them and may they all Rest in Peace
It must have been heart-breaking for Sergeant L.Mulvihill to have had to see his beloved Wife, Flt Lt Sarah Mulvihill being brought back in coffin. My deepest commiserations to him and all those who lost relatives and friends in the crash.


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