The lunatics truly are running the assylum.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ord_Sgt, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I really despair for my once great country. :x The terrorists have already won with the authorities chasing their own tails.

    The Times
  2. The lead 'investigator' is, apparently, a brainless apparatchik, as are the people above him who sanctioned this.

    I repeat my standard comment;

    Is there no one with a brain in the hierachy?


    Edited to add. This is the ANSWER. Save money disband GCHQ/SIS/Green Slime et al. simply monitor Facebook/Twitter etc.
    This can then be outsourced to the sub-continent. Simples.

    <fx watches post box for CBE>
  3. Kill a kid and walk, make a joke, and the thought police are out to get you,I was warned about taking Photographs last year at the Gurkha Demo, wearing a regimental Blazer, medals,beret with "Motto" An obvious member of a terrorist organisation
  4. Death or Glory? Clearly a trainee suicide bomber. :D
  5. At the same time profiling of potential terroists is deemed to violiate their privacy-so when an aircraft is blown up by a single male aged between 20 and 40 and (most likely) of middle eastern or african appearance I'll know the victims died with their killer's privacy intact.

    EL-AL profile all thier passengers and as such are rated the safest airline to fly with from a security point of view
  6. I fear that in the NuLabour world the "one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter" has been so twisted as to be applied to us.
  7. We are already monitoring ARRSE. Watch it or I will let the Sons of Owen Glyndwr know of your whereabouts. I would watch the post box for an incendiary not an award if I were you.
  8. Funny enough I was in the Owain yesterday, the pub not the bloke
  9. Ah the old, Not the Nine O'Clock News spoof.

    "Come home to a real fire, buy a cottage in Wales." :tongue:
  10. Do we all think or rather believe that the Tories are going to dismantle the regime that has been slowly implemented over the last few years?

    Poor bloke - another life quietly ruined, hopefully common sense will prevail.
  11. More chance of being runover by a Yak I reckon. They do seem to have no discernable agenda just more of the same but different logo. Politicians in general appear to be like the police, they get younger anger with less of a clue.

    The first thing that needs to happen IMHO is, as has been mentioned by variuos people, is change the the 'qualification' for being an MP. ie must have done a real job, not been a research assistant, etc etc.

    I, of course, am not holding my breath.
  12. The words terrorism and bomb do tend to get the adrenalin flowing in certain circles. The police are dangerously close to being in the damned if you do and damned if you don't situation. They are obliged to investigate, but what happens if someone makes such a statement, the police do nothing and then a bomb goes off? Large loads of brown and smelly heading for someone, who will take "early retirement". Making jokes like that is not funny.

    PS I am not playing advocate for the police, they are no longer on my Chistmas card list.
  13. Following your logic, expect a knock on the door some time soon.
    FFS it was a comment on twitter, not a Jihadist website. Look at some of the 'Shoot Cyclops' types of comment on here.
    It was simply bad policing, end off.
  14. What if there were a Facebook group set up which people go on to make empty (ie joke) threats against airports etc.

    I wonder if the police can visit all of the thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people posting said threats...

    I'm going to blow up the world with a ripe banana at tea time tomorrow.
  15. and yet, if he turned out to be a nutter who went on to blow the airport up, all on here and the media would be shouting "but you were WARNED! he posted it on TWITTER"

    FFS, you lot damn the Police whatever they do.

    My prediction: this guy will be investigated and when he comes back on bail it'll be dropped.

    The ban from the airport is the only disproportionate thing here