The Lucid Intelligence database

Quite an interesting one this. Think carefully before proceeding to use the 'Lucid Intelligence' service.

According to a The Times article, there are up to four million British identities up for sale on the internet:

The identities of more than four million Britons are being offered for sale on the internet, The Times has learnt...Highly sensitive financial information, including credit card details, bank account numbers, telephone numbers and even PINs are available to the highest bidder
Lucid Intelligence, set up by former Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad and Flying Squad officer, Colin Holder, has collated the details of four million Britons into a database where they can check if they have fallen victim to identity theft.

...information being traded on the web has been intercepted by a British company and collated into a single database for the first time. The Lucid Intelligence database contains the records of four million Britons, and 40 million people worldwide, mostly Americans. Security experts described the database as the largest of its kind in the world.
However, the legality of the Lucid database, under data protection and privacy laws, is still in question. See the above linked Times article for more on this.

However, here is the link for the Lucid Intelligence database for users who may wish to check, at their own risk, whether they have become victims of identity theft:
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