Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bisley, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know when the LSW is being withdrawn from the ACF?
  2. why wory about things that are outside of your control, if at all. We are still using them so enjoy until you can't.
  3. I havent heard that rumour before.......
  4. New one on me. Would wait out on that one until you see something for definite on part one orders.
  5. i was told pretty recently that it was being taken out of the training mannual, however no date was given.....then again how long have there been rumers about getting SA80s ?

    isn't this question kind of pointless seeing as most of the LSWs have been taken to TA centers and such? only time i've seen LSWs recently was combat cadet and annual camp.
  6. Why on earth do you lot need LSWs?

    You'll be asking for minimis and UGL next.
  7. Are there any spare? :)

    The LSW is used as an advance in training mainly.
    If it was withdrawn it would leave a big hole in the syllabus and nothing to fill it.
    I wouldnt worry if it gets withdrawn it wont be until the ACF gets SA80's............................. :twisted:
  8. That long then! :lol:
  9. you know how it is............ :)
  10. I think the idea is that L85A2s will be 'available' to cadet forces, but will not be owned and can be withdrawn anytime. There is a school of thought that for pracical and economic reasons, it would be best to have one rifle for all. Regs-TA-cadets.

    There are no significant numbers of L85A1s. They have all been upgraded or disposed of. A few are in storage, but they will not likely be relaesed to cadet forces

    An L98A2 (upgrade of the L98A1) is being considerd also. It may be upgraded to a semi auto only weapon, like the Super Ensign, which was the police/civvy intended version of the L85A1. A hundred of these were made, and have been passed to the MOD and are in storage. This may form the basis/pattern rifle of the L98A2 upgrade.

    I would hope that a sub calibre kit be re-introduced too for indoor ranges using .22LR. Or possibly some L98s converted permanently to .22?

    In the future I would like to streamline cadet training to one rifle/many disciplines. I would also like to see SUSATS available to cadets as they become obsolete.
  11. What is wrong with a bolt action .22?
  12. Get a grip, do! This is not the ATC forum. Cadets is warry b@stids. Allegedly.
  13. I was recently helping out an ACF camp where I was told the following....

    ACF is to get a brand new semi-automatic version of the SA80.....but with all the plastic bits (i.e pistol grip) in black so that they would be easily identified as cadets using a cadet weapon (presumably so terrorists dont slot cadets??)

    Another ACF officer chipped in these weapons could also form a war reserve (?????) but not quite sure what he was on about
  14. ^ ^ ^ ^ was this a briefing or just heresay! There are lots of people who have alsorts of suggestions. Certainly at a Cadet Liaison Officers briefing day in Frimley Park there was no news about a GP replacement.
  15. The 16ctt Gren for my ccf said there'd be something similar by the end of 2008.