The Lottery-What would you Do??

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After the recent £16.000.000 Lottery win, a bin man was late for his work. His Boss said to him " I thought  you might have won the lottery"  "Nah" The man replied " If I was, the Wagon would be parked in the middle of your fu***ng desk"........Well what would you do if you won that amount??
Tell no one just enjoy myself :

1. No more duties just pay the NIG with no cash.
2. Big house with butler and bat man.
3. Buy off everyone I could and live out the next five years in style.

Wouldnt get me out as they owe me and no matter what happens the pensions mine ?

Tempted to have someone bottom rape the Adjt  ::) ??? ;D
I think you will find that if the adjt read this post, he would probably want you to win the lottery more than you do.
re-decorate the whole camp lime green and get all the tanks painted yellow. and fill the RSM's office with mmmm let me think .........bull pooh
I'd buy an egg farm and a volvo.  Then I'd have loads of eggs.  I could keep them all in my volvo too.  

Jeez... I think work is starting to get to me!

I reckon I'd probably buy every feasible car I could.. and then abandon them one by one with the keys in.. just for fun.  Probably then rent me some wenches from that Rent-A-Wench company and make them feed me beer and nutritional supplements until I died.  Ahh.. sheer excellence!


War Hero
I think that I'd just stay at home for the day and spank myself off the walls to celebrate.

Rather than doing it at work like I normal do.
If I won the lottery, could someone with no work to do tell me how long I could go whoring for?

Give me some options, Holland, Thailand and throw in some weird AAC stuff.

I need 8 hours sleep a day. The rest I wish to spend my money.


If i won the lottery, i would tell the rsm were he can stick his fat head and his pace stick, curl on out on his cr"p hat place pins under his seat and change is ink stamp lettering to, F""K You KNOBBER, Turn the gun so it points at his office window. Pay all the guys to go on strike and give them the money to pay the bills, when they get charged. Walk out the camp gates never to return, take my family on a very long holiday to somewhere nice. Cos i´m good like that. 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)if only it came true.
Buy a big wall, get a Big Egg Headed person to sit on it. Then I would buy a Cowboy outfit...the HCav. Then I would push Humpty Dumpty off the wall and watch ' all the Queen's Horses and all the Queen's Men' tyring to put Humpty back together!...............Well it's got be better than sitting like a prat in the middle of London
I'd buy the whole British Army a Buzz Lightyear toy as I think they're great!  I'd show mt arse to the CO, and I'd hire a hitman to kidnap him and cut off his balls and to make him swallow them - And at the same time, I would've paid for big comfortable chairs with Digital Surround Speakers on them for the whole Regiment to sit, watch and hear the whole episode in STYLE!!!
Hey Custard (sorry General Custard), leeanne's not going to be happy with the suggestion that she has a fat arse.
Hey I dont really mind atall guys..... it's all paid for!!!
p.s It's not fat compared to most of the bergan arses.....hahaha


Told u leeanne that i would get you back for dissing me on my topic about Sweeping etc.
I see razor sharp wit is'nt dead, trog! Watch you don't cut yourself.

Why all this nonsense about dumping one on the boss's desk? I'd much rather buy out the NAAFI, close it down and convert all the land into decent accom' for the lads and doris's. Then with all the left over dosh, I'd send all NAAFI managers on a charisma and personality course, which would probably take up at least £4,000,000 on it's own.

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