The Lost War: Two months with our troops in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. A very interesting article by Ben Anderson on AFGHANSTAN at the bottom of Page 314 on the AFGHAN thread. Very interesting comments by soldiers.
  2. Hi
    Yes it is but then they don't go to the Afghan thread and that's the idea of this trailer! Just lets me know that its worth my efforts to keep the thread going. Did you find it interesting?
    Best wishes
  3. :oops: trust me to put my size 14 in the middle of your marketing pitch.

    Found it a bit lightweight to be honest, but then realised that it is the Mail. Still I soon found this page and all was quickly forgiven. Silly bint, but she looks good in a bikini.


    Edited to add: You could add a link to the Afghan Thread, which would save people from having to actually find your reference.
  4. Yes very interesting!
  5. I didn't claim it was great literature ;)
  6. The Army, and all of HM forces will do their duty, always have, always will.
    Just what the political scum will do is a mystery to to me.
    Very easy to commit troops to wars of unkown length, for whatever reason. But Aims and Long Term endurance, even within ruling party, on Overseas Expeditions are unkown too most.
  7. The british army is to under resourced to sustain a long term war. Plus the soldiers have no real incentive to fight unlike their zealous enemy who regard death as the supreme honour.
    I will be very interested to watch the long term damage this war is going to have on the army.
    Ah well.
  8. Not only is it under resourced to fight a war of this scale our political leaders are not backing the troops with resources and measures to maintain morale. The Foreign Office may consider Afghanistan its most important policy area which will impact on the UK if we fail however the government must will the means. This it is not doing. This will result in an army which is not capable of carrying out government policy.
  9. Skynet, the Afghan thread is read daily by a lot of people, quite a few of whom are directly involved, most of whom though don't have time to post thanks. Its a pukka resource and you are carrying on Hanvonhealings good work, however he didn't need reassurance that the work was worthwhile.

    Neither do you
  10. Most soldiers he asked thought Afghanistan was not worth dying for? Well, that's this year's Pulitzer sorted, then...

    Perhaps if he'd asked if they thought it was worth winning he'd have got a different perspective? Or would that have sold a few less copies?
  11. No I don't but a bit of marketing to find out what the punter needs or wants is always worthwhile and that was the idea of the trailer. I think it is working with those who have time we are getting comment and feedback. Nice to know if you need to change the ice cream!