The Lost Tribes of Humanity, or how human are you?

Interesting DNA findings on the Aryan migration, making Hindu nationalists froth at the mouth.
How ancient DNA may rewrite prehistory in India
The bit on the origins of the Aryans has been, so far as I am aware, the theory which has been generally accepted amongst academics since the 19th century. The Aryans were believed to have originated somewhere on the steppes of Central Asia and spread south into Persia and India and west into Europe. This theory originated in linguistic studies (studies of how languages are related), and followed up with archaeological evidence. These latest genetic studies are simply adding yet more confirmation to this aspect of India's history. This doesn't imply that they simply replaced the original inhabitants by the way, but rather that their language and culture came to have a predominant role in those areas. A common theory is that they domesticated the horse while on the steppes and this gave them a massive military advantage over their neighbours.

There is speculation that in India cows became "sacred" as a result of being conquered by nomadic tribes who told the locals that they weren't allowed to touch the cattle which belonged to the conquerors. After many years the reasons behind this prohibition were forgotten, but the "don't touch the cows or you're in big trouble" commandment had become an unquestioned part of India's culture. I don't know if there is any hard evidence to support this, but it's an interesting hypothesis.

In the centuries after 2000 BCE came the second set of immigrants (the Aryans) from the Eurasian Steppe, probably from the region now known as Kazakhstan. They likely brought with them an early version of Sanskrit, mastery over horses and a range of new cultural practices such as sacrificial rituals, all of which formed the basis of early Hindu/Vedic culture. (A thousand years before, people from the Steppe had also moved into Europe, replacing and mixing with agriculturists there, spawning new cultures and spreading Indo-European languages).
I found the bit about Hindu nationalists placing great emphasis on the racial purity and superiority of the "Aryan race" being particularly amusing. Someone ought to tell them that they need a better tailor for their uniforms and better tanks before they can pull that off with any conviction.
The idea of the mixing of different population groups is also unappealing to Hindu nationalists as they put a premium on racial purity.
The lead author of this study is someone named "Reich". I seem to recall hearing that name previously with respect to the Aryans, more that once in fact. Perhaps as many as three Reichs?
The most recent study on this subject, led by geneticist David Reich of Harvard University, was published in March 2018 and co-authored by 92 scholars from all over the world - many of them leading names in disciplines as diverse as genetics, history, archaeology and anthropology.
Scientists, a couple of years back, discovered that a few bones of a 13 year old girl that died 50,000 years ago had Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA. Now computer analysis has discovered a mystery "ghost" ancestor in her family tree.

Artificial Intelligence Has Found an Unknown 'Ghost' Ancestor in The Human Genome

Our early ancestors seem to have been very attracted to Neanderthal birds. Were they the prehistoric equivalent of Chavs?
Our early ancestors seem to have been very attracted to Neanderthal birds. Were they the prehistoric equivalent of Chavs?
Been out with worse.....


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' I'm sure we can all agree' - KGB Rezident is 100% Denisoviet

What do we want that stupid round thing for, my Dad never needed one of those ..
Hengist Pod Walt :)
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The word 'trek' and so forth make it sound as if Fred Flintsone suddenly said 'Right chaps, we're off to Mongolia'.

Popular writeups fail to get across how many thousands of years migrations took, triggered in small parts by, for instance, family groups having to split to find new sustenance, hunting grounds being hunted bare etc.

As to mating with Neanderthals and others, a casual glance at any supermarket queue, and some ARRSE comments on the lines of 'I would', suggest the spirit is still alive and well.
That is why it was Mary who was of David's line, joseph was a sperm doner.
I believe it was a cultural adaptation.
The Jews were regularly raided and enslaved, and the women raped.
Instead of leaving a woman disgraced with an invader's bastard, which was a terrible thing in most tribal cultures, the child was classed as Jewish from birth by virtue of the mother.
Made it much easier for the Jewish tribes to replenish their numbers after a losing war as well.


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Interesting to see the Haplogroup info....a few years ago I got an invitation from a namesake over in Amerika to join their DNA ancestry I gave it the cheek-swab and posted it off.
(WTF, my DNA details are probably on some Mormon database now...meh.)

This guy ( call him Ron Le Chevre Jr ) was asking if I had the Cornish Haplogroup marker ( the Y-DNA haplogroup R1b ) - which apparently I do.

Linky for anyone who has an interest : Cornish Genetics - DNA of the Celtic people of Cornwall, SW England

The map shows Cornwall as a distinct group - lots of Cornish emigrants to US from 1658 onwards, mostly because of their mining experience.

The U.S branch of the family had at least one privateersman/pirate, who was transported back to Dartmoor HMP in the War of 1812 after capture at sea.
Another became a Brigadier in the Union Army whereas another offshoot served as a Major in the CSA.

Family members pop up from Minnesota to Arizona, as well as the older bunch from Chelsea,Mass. and Maine.
(I have a theory that the founder of the US branch left England because he was on the losing side in the English Civil War.)

Weirdly, there are more members of my family in the Virginia White Pages than here in UK. Cousins forsooth.
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