The Lord Loves A Sinner Come Back To The Fold.

Where I live, we have a certain local mong. Forever milllaaarring about and being a pest. Last week, your obedient servant said to Mrs Filthy, and I quote, "Not that bloody window- licker again". Mrs Filthy for some reason known only to herself took umbrage at this remark. "How could you be so cruel, the poor child can't help it, how can you be so callous, etc, etc!. However, this morning, Mrs Filthy, as is her wont, attended the swimming pool to perform her customary excercise routine. Ensconced herewith was aforementioned mong, and carer, and here Mrs Filthys' road to Damascus began. Apparently the experience was akin to a Jaws movie, only substituting mmilllaaarrrrrr for the music when the shark approaches. Nothing could be done to deter this aquatic abberation in his attempts to cavort a'la swimming with dolphins with anyone trying to have a dip. On returning to the palace of marital bliss, I innocently asked "How was the pool?" Mrs Filthy, in a fit of high dudgeon replied, God bless her " How do you fcukin' think it fcukin' was with that fcukin' window-licker there!" I was so proud I nearly took her out to lunch. She has now been promoted to arrse-frau in tomorrows orders.
My Mrs's brother is a half-mong. Let's call him Bob.

Her other Brother is 'normal' although a bit of a half-wit. Lets call him Jim.

I keep making the joke that her brothers are mong and Bob, to which she goes off on one.

The other night, I said: "you know your brothers?"
Her: "Bob or the mong".
Me: "Jim. He's on the phone" :D

Watching her explain why she just called him a mong was priceless.