The Lord flashheart

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gren, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. The very one we have on here, a renowned chopper pilot, from what ive seen and heard, is this the same one who flew a certain JC around in Iraq some time ago?

    If it is he will know what im asking.

    If this has been covered before I joined the site or has been since, I apologise, but ive only just read about it in my latest book buy, so apologies if it has, but the search function is pretty obscure tbh.
  2. Should have posted this in The Book Club Forum, mate.

    I read the Clarkson book and wondered the same thing...

  3. I did ponder that tbh, but then thought this forum would get more of a response.
  4. Where is the gobshite Flashy git anyway? Anyone seen him or has he takin his powderpuf and run home to Mummy?
  5. Not seen him for an age tbh Legs, he might be polishing his rotors fnaar fnaar :)
  6. Thought he was cunt struck?
  7. Or his skids :mrgreen:
  8. I heard he was on holiday with Chubb!
  9. Fixed it for you! :twisted:
  10. thanks! Bloody Keyboard :D

  11. Ditto ;)
  12. My pleasure! :D
  13. You are a sick, evil, twisted, perverted, vile man! 8O

    Don't EVER change! :worship: :D

  14. I thought he stropped off because there wasn't a teddy of him? :twisted:
  15. I thought him and the Oaty Projectile had a spat the result of which meant Flashy done a sulky.