The longest/ worst/ best leave youve had....

I am currently in the middle of a 6 and a half week leave block, its the longest I've ever had by far. And its great!! Its going to feel strange putting on that green skin again.

Spent 3 weeks in Dorset once (at parents home) and it rained every single day. Not even being within 8 miles of Weymouth and all its pubs could cheer me up.

Anyone else had massive block leave periods? And whats been the best/ worst of them?
Just over 12 weeks mate, went on leave mid dec came back to work march straight back on tour, don't ya just love it?!! They told me i'd get sunshine tours and they were right, just not the holiday sun i was hoping for!!! re_saprky says you're a weener btw (well he didn't but i'm sure he would have!)
oops disregard the last bit.......meant for someone else!!! (teh bit about the leave still stands!)
In 22 yrs I don't think I've had longer than 3 weeks. I make up for it by doing as little as fcuk for a few weeks after returning from leave though!


Had 7 weeks once on return from a tour, combo of POTL and unused time. Bloody brilliant it was, did some serious world travel and really made the best of it!
5 months leave May - Sep 06. Fantastic (well it was POTL,Resettlement Time and terminal leave, along with remaining annual leave.)
I don't think resettlement and terminal leave counts as you're not actually coming back to work!!

Although moving off to Australia sounds good.
my last week of ren leave (first lot) :D :D
which i managed to use three times :?
fantastic chief clerk kept sending out the list 8O
i was on it with 1 week so my boss kept sending me on it :twisted: :twisted:

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