The Longest Day film

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by happybonzo, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. Was the film "The Longest Day" ever produced in colour? I've just lent my copy to a miserable whining git and he brought it straight back because it is in black and white.
    I've now looked on YouTube and there seem to be versions in colour.
    Does anyone know where you can get the colour version on DVD?
  2. I don't think so, I also thing if they coloured it, it would make it a bit shit.
  3. The film was produced in BW but later colourised.

    It is not perfect, but not at all bad and doesn't detract from a good film.
  4. It was made in BW and was the most expensive BW film ever made until Schindlers List
  5. One click is answered by two clicks. That's all I know. Oh, and the dead German had his boots on the wrong feet.
  6. There is a colour version but it wasn't filmed in colour. Its been added in through editing (not a clue how they do it but its what they did with some of that WWI footage)
  7. The Longest Day,,One of the best films about the Normandy landings (June 6 1944) featured a fully international cast all speaking their lines in their native tongue (a edited version bubbed in English was released but was not popular),It was purposely made in Black and White in order to capture the authenticity of the period and enabled the directors to intercut actual newsreel into the narative,if a colour version does exist it will not enhance the film rather it would detract from a truly genuine attempt to convey the historic vision of one of the most important days in 20th century history......
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  8. TLD is good but try 'Theirs is the Glory' for real soldiers (and real Panther tanks) re-enacting Arnhem.
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  9. Excellent film, men had all fought at Arnhem, and whilst filming found some of their comrades bodies still lying where they fell. They also blew up the only train left in Holland which caused a law suit, all the vehicles were original and worked except for one of the panthers which was towed or dragged, filmed on the battlefield,some buildings were still mined or boobytrapped ala Hartenstein.

    Longest Day has been coloured but personally i think BW is the best version.
  10. 'Theirs is the Glory' is a most excellent film (far more realistic than 'A Bridge Too Far'),,however my reply was to the colour edited version of 'The Longest Day'..
  11. For some reason when it crops up on RTE it's the colour print, only time I've ever seen it.
  12. The Colorized Longest day is garbage. recently got to see theirs is the Glory and impressed by it. Even rarer than the Panthers were the Flammwagen auf Panzerkampfwagen B-2 (f), aka Captured French Char1 Bis remodeled with flameguns in the hull.

  13. It's "stars" were the actual veterans and was filmed at Oosterbeck and Arnhem, the Panthers were also veterans thats why the dialogue is a bit ropey, however. Still a top notch film.
  14. .......though you would have thought that for TLD's budget of £10m, someone would have remembered to sew Richard Burton's DFC ribbon on the correct way.
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