The Long Walk - Fact or fiction

I read this book years ago when it was doing the rounds in BBK. I must admit I personally found it incredibly far fetched and took most of it with a pinch of salt. Others however were convinced it was gospel.

Radio 4, 2000 (might be 2030) tonight (30/10) are doing a feature on it for anyone who is interested.
Long Walk may have been ramble

It is the epic story of an escape from a Soviet Gulag and evasion of enemy patrols in sub-zero temperatures.

The Long Walk, Slavomir Rawicz’s account of his journey over the Himalayas from Siberia to India, has inspired generations of explorers. But new evidence suggests that it is a work of fiction.

Rawicz, who died in 2004, always claimed that the book was accurate but documents discovered in a Russian archive show that, far from escaping, he was granted an official pardon. Tim Whewell, a former BBC Moscow correspondent, had set out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the book by interviewing people involved in the story, but found that surviving records contradicted Rawicz’s account.,,170-2427982,00.html

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