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Copied from an email I received today....

We are writing to ask you all for your support for a charity event that we are doing whilst OOA at Kabul Afghanistan International Airport (KAIA)

'We' are 10 UK Forces personnel based at KAIA, a mix of RAF and Army, and we have set ourselves a challenge to raise money for 3 charities that are important to us. The challenge is to travel from KAIA to RAF Brize Norton and, in addition, the collective distance back to our homes. All in all this gives us the astounding distance of 8094km..... but we only have the month of June to complete it! We will be travelling by foot, bike and rower to cover the theoretical distance. This challenge is made harder because we are 5,877 feet above sea level the temperatures are already up in the mid 30's - and it's getting hotter every day.

So why are we doing this??? Well, there are several reasons;

Firstly, one of the team, Flt Lt Phil Druce, lost his father to cancer very recently (May 08), and thus we would like to help cancer sufferers. We have chosen the charity "Julia's House", a hospice for terminally ill children that is located in Dorset. We have chosen this particular cancer charity as it was one that was dearly supported by Mick (Phil's Dad), and in turn by the Druce family and their friends.

Secondly, we wish to support "Help for Heroes" and want to help them towards their goal of establishing a rehabilitation pool at Headley Court. The reasons for choosing this charity are obvious - as members of the armed forces we, or our friends and comrades, may need the help of this charity at any time in the future and the work they do is invaluable to the many who require their services.

Thirdly, we wish to help the orphans of Kabul. Having seen the levels of poverty in the city and heard stories from Afghani citizens with whom we work, we feel it is important to help put something back into the country, and help improve the quality of life for those who are really suffering.
Money raised will go towards the life basics that we take for granted like clothing, shelter, sanitation and education.

We have set up a fundraising site at and our target is £10000. We have already achieved over 10% of our target but much effort is needed if we are to raise the remaining amount, and this is where we need your help! We have set up a Facebook group (The Long Trek Home), to encourage our friends and families to support us, but we are keen to receive support from a wider audience. We would like to generate as much publicity as possible for our event, to hopefully increase both donations towards this event, and to help raise awareness for the charities that we have nominated, and so we ask for your help in cascading this email to as wide an audience as possible.

Your support means a great deal to all the team who are taking part, and the more we can generate, the more motivation we will have to get down to the gym and complete our target!

Thank you in anticipation


I thought that, perhaps, it could do with some wider publicity.

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