The Long Hard Road: NCO Experiences in Afganistan and Iraq

The Long Hard Road: US NCO Experiences in Afganistan and Iraq

Here’s a link to a .pdf file that puts together a series of reports from various combat zones by SNCOs. It’s a long read document (198 Pages)

I found it an interesting read.

Link to file:

List of Illustrations 5
Forward 6
Introduction 7
Afghanistan Timeline 9
1SG M. Robinson, “Recruiting Company 1SG” 12
SGM T. O’Neal, “Bridging the Support Gap” 15
SGM W. Finch, “Change in Area of Operation” 16
1SG P. McGuire, “Task Force Rakkasan” 18
SGM M. Bryant, “Afghan Militia Forces” 21
SGM S. Shank, “ANA Military Training Center” 25
MSG C. Peterson, “Baptism by Fire” 28
MSG K. Keefe, “Complacency Can Kill” 35
1SG Louis Gholston, “Air Medical Evacuation” 38
Vignette: “68th Air Medical Rescue of the Year” 41
MSG L. Hall, “Make A Way” 42
1SG W. Gentry, “First Sergeant Role vs. Responsibility” 45
SGM C. Myers, “1-168 Inf., Iowa ARNG” 48
SGM D. Utley, “Konar Valley” 52
MSG D. Berry, “Establishing a Special Forces Firebase” 59
MSG R. Levis, “Task Force Geronimo” 62
Vignette “An Artillery Ambush” 65
SGM W. Forro, “Building a Forward Operating Base 66
MSG D. Detweiler, “Deployment to Afghanistan” 70
SGM L. Obeda, “Operation Roma” 73
SGM T. Lawrence, “Combat Advisor” 76
MSG R. Abernathy, “Reacting to an I. E. D.” 77
MSG M. Granado, “ANA Ldr Reaction and Training Course” 82
Photographs from Afghanistan and Iraq 86
Iraq Timeline 111
“Fighting the Iraqi Army” 114
1SG J. Bradshaw, “Invasion of Iraq” 114
SGM K. Cleveland, “Operation Viking Hammer” 118
Vignette, SSG H. Jhanson, “Engineer Company, 10th Mt. 123
1SG B. Brown, “Convoy to Baghdad” 124
1SG B. Barren, “Tikrit” 128
SFC M. Swart, “Embedded Media” 132
SGM D. Grimes, “352nd Civil Affairs Command” 134
SSG D. Bramlett, “A Wife Deployed” 137
SSG B. Sipp, “RPG Attack” 138
SPC A. Tietjen 141
SGM D. Veheklasen, “VBIED” 143
“Fighting Insurgents” 148
1SG R. Greene, “Eagle Troop” 148
1SG J. Thanheiser, “Convoy to Kirkuk” 153
MSG P. Johnson, “319th Signal Battalion” 157
1SG S. Brooks, “15th FSB Task Force Baghdad” 159
1SG T. Weiss, “Iraq’s Election, Baghdad” 163
MSG G. Wood, “Counter IED Targeting Program” 168
SSG J. Scott, “IED Attacks” 172
1SG C. Williams, “Areomedical Evacuation” 173
1SG J. Tennian, “Vermont National Guard” 178
1SG R. Evans, “Tactical Air Controller” 183
SFC D. Sparks, “Embedded Media” 186
Iraqi Forces Trained 192
Conclusion 193

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