The Long Gun

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Arters, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. We were twinned with a US Sig Bn in the early 70's and on a weeks visit to their Base in Bad Kreuznach a Range Day had been arranged when would fire each others weapons.

    We fired first using their M16, nice and light etc. Our SSM then chose little G**Y C****Y to demonstrate firing the Long Gun from the standing position, before clearing the weapon and handing it over to their Top Sgt, who did not notice G**Y change the Gas Reg.
    Now, their Top was a monster of a guy and was treating the Long Gun with much disdain, stating that even the 'DUKE' would have laughed at this weapon.
    I'll give the guy his due, he did put 10 rounds down, the first nearly putting him on his arrse, he cleared the weapon, handed it back and said -
    "Mmmm, pretty powerful but far too heavy"
    At the same time all concerned could see the bruise appearing on his cheek and all could imagine the state of his right shoulder.

    The Moral of the story is "Nobody fcuks with the Long Gun, in front or behind!!!!!

  2. Hasn't everyone done that when the yanks were on the range with them? Isn't it a shame we only have the 5.56mm now? I shot a guy last week with all 30 rounds, and he just got up and shouted to me 'good one' and strolled off.

    True story.
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  3. I'm so pleased that I started my army career off using the SLR. Not because I thought it was the best weapon in the world as to be honest, I prefer the A2. More to do with the fact that if I hadn't ever used it I would probably believe all the mythical shite spouted on here about it.
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  4. OI YOU TWIT!!! It was a fecking RIFLE -- not a sodding gun! Guns have wheels and get towed, or have tracks to move themselves!!

    mutter mutter ... bloody non infantry types .... mutter mutter
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  5. Smudge had neither wheels nor tracks. It did have rifling, though. Yet it was a gun.
  6. The title the "The Long Gun" was taken from many mentions in earlier threads and if I have upset you in any way by using the incorrect terminology I do apologise most sincerely, however, Trench Dweller, you neglected to mention Flying Guns - C130, C47, A10 et al.

    I Fank you!
  7. Or even the Flying Gunners - workshy, bone-idle, *****, ********* et al.
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  8. Once did a L/R Rally and one of the clues was "what is the grid of the Gunners depot" didn't take us long to find the Wood Merchants yard which was full of Planks!!!!

    To all our Royal Artillery friends - the Rally was hosted by 36 Hy Ad Regt RA, now that's a decent body swerve, chasps!!
  9. SLR - I still miss you
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  10. Done the same with an M-14 to some of you by using the grenade launching valve back in 2004
  11. It doesn't have wheels or an engine, so must be a grease rifle ?

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  12. Fascinating
  13. What was a Wombat then?
  14. The GPMG was without wheels in most cases.
  15. More of a missile launcher than a gun or rifle.


    Laugh you b'stards it took me ages to find that picture.
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