The long ball

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by crabby, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. We're 10 mins in and 1-0 up - nice

    But, we're playing somewhere hot, so how shall we play? The long ball we chase after fruitlessly? Why yes, we are. How many world cups have we won recently with our defenders and midfielders sitting back and playing a long ball to be chased after for no result against a world class defence.

    Every bloody competition the same...
  2. Your right, to many long balls, with no accuracy, they need to watch it or they'll nick one.Get it down the wings and keep possesion.
  3. well said,

    no offense to peter crouch, but leaving him up front on his own in a 4 - 5 - 1 formation with 0 support from the midfield is not the best, he likes to lay the ball off to other players & create chances, not head them on to the opposing keeper.

    oh well thats what happens when you take 1 fully fit striker & 2 50% fit strikers, how many other countries have done that.
  4. Bit harsh on Rooney, he is fat but he's short as well!!! :p

    They were doing it the whole game, it's England all over again. Again and again and again. Put some fcuking effort in, if it's hot use the ball and manpower to make it up the pitch, not just tw@t it upfield and hope something happens.

    There were good moments but there was also so much frustration at watching England play exactly the same way as they have for years - and look how far that got us.
  5. Anyone else think that the ref might have well been wearing the opposition shirt?
  6. And why take Owen off and not replace him with Walcot - why bring him if you are not going to play him
  7. Nah, he was too bad for that, even those South Americans have some morals, I reckon it was a Scottish/Welsh shirt :D :D
  8. Can I just say, if we can play that badly and still get the 3 points, we will be ok. Chelsea won the premiership by relying on the 1-0 wins
  9. ......... but Chelsea didn't have to rely on ENGLISH players, did they?????????
  10. Just watched T&T,they had it all, guts, determination and fitness,watch out Engerland, don't underestimate them.!!!
  11. I, like you spotted all Englands shortcomings so why doesn't SGE? After 45 minutes I thought we were excellent. After 55 minutes things all went shite shaped, I'm sure any one of us could have rectified the situation if we'd been in the dug out.

    Cole, Gerrard (as a Hammer I despair, why couldn't he have had those shooting boots on in Cardiff!), Lampard, Beckham are all as thick as each other. Crouch up front on his own knocking headers down to the Paraguyians (is that a word?) But no, long ball after long ball each with the same result. Did not one of them have the nouse to realise it was not working. It's just a popularity contest to see who can make the longest most sexy pass onto Crouches bonnet. Beckhan was captain, he should have sorted it.

    I'm afraid we will not be winning this World Cup. The only thing we have going for us is fate. In '66 we had the Charlton brothers which is a lucky omen. Brothers in an England team is always a good thing and fortunately we have Ashley and Joe!
  12. 1-0, 3 points, 100% record, top of the group by 2 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    smile though your heart is breaking
    thecup is either half empty or half full