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Hi, I need a bit of advice or more precisely, guidance about the London TA scene. I had a place at RMAS for September but have decided not to take it and go down the TA route. I am infantry focused and so wish to join one of those units but am unsure as to which one.

I would like to get on and so want to join a unit that would facilitate this - my initial thought was to look at the RMR but having done that I think that the time commitment may be too high in terms of the extra training that you need to do to pass the course. My first question would be is 4 Para similar in that respect, i.e. significant extra time commitment? Other than that, I have thought of the HAC but have heard mixed views - it would be interesting to hear the view of someone from one of the local TA units on them.

Last but by no means least is the London Reg. If I had been fortunate enough to get through RMAS then I would hopefully have been Rifles bound so they do seem attractive although, as this forum has shown, there appears to be some infighting which is not at all attractive to a prospective recruit. Additionally, it appears that the RGJ have left to join the RRV - is this still in London and if so where?

As a final point although I was due to go to RMAS, I am not definitely going for TA Officer. If such an opportunity came up then great, but I really just want to get in and get on with stuff.

Thanks for any advice - if any further clarification is needed then please ask away.



4 Para will involve 8 weekends on a one on/one off basis, plus every Tuesday night. If you get to the end of these successfully and pass your test weekend 8 or 10 miler you will then go on to attend CIC at Catterick, including P Coy.

If you succeed on both of these, you will be able to attend your basic Para course. In short, high level of commitment required for at least 4 months, as you will be having to train hard in your own time if you want to stand a hope of passing.

Once in, usual TA inf stuff plus the para role, and loads of opportunities to deploy if it suits.

I will allow people from the other units you mentioned discuss theirs, but usual advice applies - go and see them all and see where you think you would fit best. The HAC role is very different from Inf, take the time to find out about it before you commit.

Thanks Duke, that does sound very attractive. How are you off for potential officers - quite laden I would imagine?


No - the TA officer system takes so long to work through that we do not really limit numbers who go for it. Some would have died of old age before they get there!

We have not yet seen any direct entry TA officers, and as a result all of our officers have spent some time in the ranks. I would recommend trying life as a Tom for a while. More fun, less admin!
That's the plan! Sorry to bug but last question: do you have set recruitment periods or does it run all year?


3 cadres a year, next one shold be starting in Sept/Oct. PM if you want details of addresses/dates/times for visit and interview.
The London non-Para infantry scene is quite simple:

A,B,C,D Companies are still part of The London Regiment.
The different cultural backgrounds of the four companies are maintained (e.g. City of London Fusiliers, London Irish Rifles etc.)
The London Regiment is now part of the Household Division with all the professionalism and quality that implies.
The London Regiment is now training for operations in close conjunction with the regular Foot Guards battalions.

The London Regiment is recruiting potential officers, the best person to contact is the Adjutant...

RHQ Telephone: 020 7924 3122
Email: Londonregiment @

Meanwhile ...
F and G Companies have transferred to the RRV (to become RIFLES in 2007)

I am sure they are also interested in potential officers.
Their contact details are available through the Army website.

Hope that helps.
RRV bcomes 7 RIFLES, with a rather pathetic 3.3 platoons in London....

Also, the HAC have an Infantry subunit.


.3 of a platoon - how very scientific!

Granted the HAC may have an infantry subunit, but perhaps more opportunities for infantry work in its wider scope if he joins an infantry unit?

Why join a non Inf unit to be Inf? Why not join the Inf in the first place, or the other unit because of its primary role if that appeals more?
Sapukay said:
RRV bcomes 7 RIFLES, with a rather pathetic 3.3 platoons in London....
Tell you what Sapukay, why don't you pop round Davies Strasse, and let them know you think that they're pathetic.

I'd be very surprised if you walked out.

Silly boy.

The Rifles footprint in London may be smaller, but (especially F coy) is still committed to training good quality, intelligent, independent riflemen.

There are also vacancies for occifer types. Cave though - many applicants have already been turned down.

I also wouldn't ignore the Londons - they do have some very good individuals, plenty of "characters" and it'll be very interesting to see how they deal with their new role.
Umm, a general comment about the sad state of the TA Infantry (with Coys of 1 Platoon, a support weapons section with Pl HQ and a small HQ element, less than half the size of a "proper" company) materialised into some anti-Borg sentiment?

Perhaps "sorry you got screwed but well done for keeping going" would be better?

Granted, we're now in the grace period that follows all TA downsizings (i.e. 1967, 1993 and 1999). Units will appear to be overflowing as the establishement has been lowered. The usual occurance is that strength drops below the establishment, and no matter how much you decrease the establishment, units will usually be understrength.

My personal view is that no matter how small the TA Infantry gets, it should maintain intact Company structures of 3 (or even 4) full Rifle Platoons, plus so support weapons elements if necessary. The organisation of the old Australian Reserve Independent Rifle Companies would be a better model to follow. In the case of 7 Rifles for example, amalgamate A and E, and F and G companies to have 2 full companies. At least a battalion might occassionally be able to mount a Company Attack then....
In terms of commitment, HAC is an initial recruits course of 7/8 weekends and a one week FTX (the weekends coming round roughly one every 3 weeks, along with Tuesday evenings each week) to get you Phase 1 trained - all infantry focused.

Once you pass that you are part of the HAC, after which you can choose between 4 main sub-units:

1) The patrol squadrons, for which you are required to pass the Patrol Selection Course (PSC) which trains and selects guys in the Surveillance and Target Acquisition Role over the course of 6 months, being 6 weekends and a ten day FTX plus Tuesday nights.

2) The signal squadron, for which you are required to pass the Basic Communications Course, which trains guys in HF comms to support the patrols and runs over a similar period to the PSC

3) The LO Troop, for which you do the first few weekends of PSC and half the endurance march (as a lead tab rather than individual best effort on PSC)

4) The Corps of Drums - most of these guys have infantry background, and they are the pure infantry bit mentioned above. The smallest subunit, they take people passing off recruits and do their own training within the subunit

Hope this helps....
There is at least 1 x Pl Cmd vacancy at F Coy RRV in Mayfair as the last PC has gone back to the factory to complete his regular course and one other is on ops so there is a job. Speak to Adj RRV/OC F Coy but bear in mind that though you have passed RCB (not clear if you have come via the OTC route) unless you are already a 2nd Lt the vacancy is ideally for someone with a comission already rather than a PO.
The chap is after Infantry work, not guns.

Sorry about the mere 3.3 platoons in London, though; I'll email the guys in Afghanistan and Iraq and ask them to pop back to bolster our numbers.

londonirish said:
huge dissappointment, looked at the title expecting to find a gay fetish club and all I got was this, oh well
Have you been to a Lon Regiment dinner? You won't be disappointed.
I gather some of the chaps rock up in skirts...
ViVictaVis said:
londonirish said:
huge dissappointment, looked at the title expecting to find a gay fetish club and all I got was this, oh well
Have you been to a Lon Regiment dinner? You won't be disappointed.
I was in the London Regiment, but only in its very early days, so no. But there were a few rather old saffron skirted men who used to wake us up after croporal's mess nights. It never gave me a hard on though, which is odd, I know.......
The RGJ/Rifles will be represented by F (West End) and G (West Ham) companies. Bear in mind that after being a platoon commander you are at the beck & call of Bn HQ and can be posted to any of the companies & specialist platoons. If you are from the West side of London then it would not be a problem.

An alternative is the Londons - a decent bunch but inward thinking.

10 Coy (4 Para) are based in West London but unlike the Rifles promotion can take you all over the country!


The-Daddy said:
10 Coy (4 Para) are based in West London but unlike the Rifles promotion can take you all over the country!
Daddy - Have you ever been in 4 Para? Served in it recently? Or just making it all up?

Non commissioned, the only time you would need to move out of 10 Coy would be for the RQMS post - say 18 + years from now! Commissioned, you can be rifle Pl Comd, Mor Pl comd, Coy 2IC then OC. Hell, throw in a posting at E to one of the RTC's or ULOTC and you can spend your whole career in and around London.

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