The "London" Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ozduke, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. A resounding success?

  2. A damp squib?

  3. A raging balls up?

  1. I'd love to see all these people crushed onto the filthy public transport.

    One journey on a bus or tube turns you into a commited motorist for life!
  2. Unless of course you're Ken.
    Cant imagine either, the coppers pulling abdul from his Merc People Carrier while on his way to the new mosque that will be attached to the olympic site.
    As ever, climate change fundamentalists are making utterly facking stupid proposals. This time however, might just be in a position to impliment them.
  3. And it'll be an event that will force swingeing cuts in the military to fund it.
  4. The area where the Olympics will be is an utter dump. Stratford is a total dive.
  5. What's better than getting a gold medal at the para-olympics.............

    not being a retard! :)
  6. Excuse me Big Brother, but we appear to have lost my fourth option!!
  7. Yeah, and we'll lose at everything.

    Can I be the first to mention ladies beach volley ball in an Olympic thread?

    Oh, thank you.

    Feel free to post photographs of this important sport to help illustrate this fascinating debate.
  8. Time and again this has been shown to be utter balls. Please stop rehashing tripe.

  9. Imagine the clean up job after this!

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    1. Battlefield Tours

    Your wish is my command:

  11. Working on trying to find somewhere in the World that will be an Olympic Vacuum. Plenty of time to plan it, but where to I start ?

    Any ideas ?

    Location has to be:

    1. Habitable.
    2. Non-Muslim 'cos beer will be required.

    That's about it really. Any countries out there with-out sattelite cover and with sun or snow and bar (s) and with absolutely no fecking interest in the Olympics ? Don't care how far it is....I'll save up my pennies and get there. Remote Alaska ? Got bars, but also got TV coverage. Se what I mean ? Can't get away from the sh*te.

    Betcha can't come up with a place that fits my criterion.
  12. More pictures are needed for ermmmmm..........Ah, research thats the word I was looking for :D :D
  13. Why not just buy a cellar (spare room) full of booze and micowaveable foodstuffs.

    Then when the "our junkies can run faster than your junkies" extravaganza gets going then you need to -

    1/ Throw the telly out the window or maybe just disconnect the antenna if you want to watch DVDs.
    2/ Lock the outside doors and windows.
    3/ Move into spare room with booze and food stuffs
    4/ Stay there for how ever long the booze lasts or until the games are over.

    There you go, just saved you a fortune.
  14. As far as I can work out, this place has a bar but no TV. Could be full of backpacking tree huggers though.