The London Marathon tomorrow

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by saintstone, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. Evening all, I've just had a call from .Dolly. Tomorrow, 7 arrsers are running this for Combat Stress, they've picked up the goody bags only to find that no-one from said charity will be there at the end to support them as they finish. If anyone can be there to cheer them on, that would be great, I'd do it myself, but unfortunately I have to work. One of the runners is Goatman and they really would appreciate a bit of support from any Arrsers lurking in the crowds, they'll be wearing Combat Stress tops, cheers in advance.
  2. Good luck to them all! Wish I could be there but work commitments are keeping me up here. I'll be watching though!

    Fairmaid - money incoming once I start my new job. Good luck racing snake :)
  3. Detail noted mate.
  4. I can make it tomorrow, anyone else going for the cheering section fancy meeting up?
  5. For all those taking part for one of the service / ex service charities, the very best of lack and "Thank You ALL"! . . . :D :D :D
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks to Dolly for ringing round.....sorry not to have met a few more Arrsers ...slight correction to Saint's post - I was the redfaced idle toerag watching OTHER people run past this year !

    Well done all who took part.....a hot day for all that exertion - made me feel quite faint just watching :)

    I saw one guy go past wearing full green CS95 with helmet AND CBA.......plainly an escaped lunatic..... :D

    Good effort guys and girls....


  7. The escaped lunatic was from the int corps and going for a world record, not sure if he managed it or not though.

  8. A mahoosive THANK YOU for the arrse support yesterday. It was way too hot for me so the during and post race drinks were a life saver. I was sick of the Lucozade orange gunge by mile 5 :lol:

    Didn't get my sub 4h but pleased to come in only 4 mins after Gordon Ramsay. Still got a PB so mustn't complain. Now off to treat my sunburn ......

    Special thanks to Goatman for all the rushing around he did for Combat Stress (CS peeps please take note!).
  9. Well done on the PB!!

    Sat watching it with a tear in my eye absolutely frustrated. I think I'm weird! Upset at NOT running 26 miles!
  10. Thanks JD, I was gutted for you and know what you mean.

    Just tried the online ballot for next year, the site's already down due to saturation :(
  11. Still is, just tried to get on it to check that I deferred my entry correctly and it took for ever.