The London Jocks

Seeing as how no-one else has mentioned it. Today is the anniversary of the first TA unit to be committed to battle. London Scottish, Ypres 1914.
I will raise a glass to them in their memory
Poppy, you must know the picture of Hallowe'en '14 from your training nights in the Drill Hall! There will be a load of sore heads in Horseferry Road and other places tomorrow morning - I've been there before and regretted not having taken a day off the day after!
Actually it wasn't at Ypres but Messines ridge as part of 4 Cav Bde. I think they were the only unit to see action on the old organisation of 8 rifle coys.

To resonate today, they had 2 MMGs, the most modern in the BEF, the latest mark of Vickers, but they were bn property having been purchased by the bn! However, they also had a problem with their rifles, the mk of .303 ammo had to be hand loaded into the breach, couldn't be loaded from the magazine.

On the 15 Nov the bn parade state was 280 all ranks, from a bn over 1000 strong. By this time they'd joined 1 Bde, 5 bns including the Scottish, establishment over 5000 actual strength 753 all ranks.

For the record the others were:
1 Cold - 0 & 150
1 SG - 1 & 69
1 BW - 1 & 109
1 Cameron - 3 & 140

Bde HQ had lost 2 comds and 1 BM.

And people wonder why they dug trenches!
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