The London Eye.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. There is some talk of the present Mrs V taking me up to that there London place for my birthday on Friday.She has been asking for a while what I want etc.So in an effort to keep her quiet,and in a moment of madness I said "We'll go to the L.E."
    Having now investigated their web site,I have some questions.
    Is it worth £ 17?
    Is it worth paying an extra tenner to avoid the rifraf?
    Is a Friday morning going to be very very busy? ie long queues?
    Any good watering holes in the vacinity?
  2. last time i was down there it was full of frencies! and i lost my phone
  3. I can answer the first question; yes, well worth £17. You get a stunning view of London and the surrounding area, you also realise how green London looks in parts.

    But then I've always been a sucker for good views.
  4. Worth missing the queue also
  5. A foul and evil process from beginning to end.

    The former Zulu c/s decided that we needed to relish the experience: delete 'we' and insert 'I, selfish bitch that I am'.

    The weather was apallingly hot, the queues horrendous and for some reason the option to jump the line for a tenner was withdrawn. Goth Daughter fainted, the staff were surly, the pod a/c failed, a Frenchman farted during the 'flight' (flight? my arse) and I loathed the the event with a passion.
  6. If you decide not to bother with the Eye (which is worth doing), or if you fancy splashing out, I would wholeheartedly recommend going on one of the RIB runs up the Thames - they go from the London Eye pier, so it is handy if you decide to do both. It is also worth doing a bit of googling for offers, as they often have a 2 for 1 deal (we got one through South East Trains - all you had to do was show your train ticket to show you'd arrived by train; we just nipped to Waterloo Station and bought the cheapest ticket (Vauxhall I think) and used that!). Oyster Card used to have a deal for stuff like that too).

    London RIB
  7. £27 to view London from the LE & avoid the rifraf & long tourist queue is a not bad, however each to their own if people wish to have an overview of London City pending weather conditions, just as bad (value for money) paying 13 euro's for the Eiffel Tower,

    Combining the visit with a Thames river boat ride is recommended as Fifth_Columnist states

    Avoiding any kind of Queues at the main attractions is either going to be diffult or expensive at this time of year.
  8. However there should be loads of Japanese tourists there so take your camera and see if you can get a few up-skirt shots. They seem to like that kind of thing in Japan so shouldn't object to it in London.

    Dont forget to post the pics.
  9. I've been twice in the last 12th months, once with the (4 and 6 year old) grandchildren, and recently with my wife. It's better without small children!
    Pre-buy your (ordinary) ticket from one of the agencies to avoid queuing at the ticket office where the waiting can be horrendous, or pay by credit/debit card at the separate queue (a little faster).
    Take a small map if you are not familiar with London. This makes it easier to orientate yourself. And take a reasonable camera, ideally with a long lens. The "glass" of the cabins is very clear and permits good photographs.
    Avoid Sat/Sun and late June/July if possible (London looks good in late May and in Sept).
    The cabins can get quite hot although air-conditioned so be prepared for this.
    I can barely go up a step-ladder now without suffering from vertigo, yet there is no sensation of this in the Eye.
    All in all should be a part of a visit to a great city.

    Those who might put such a visit off till another day should be aware that the Eye was meant to be in place for the first five years of the Millenium. It could go soon.

    And a final tip for anyone who wishes to enjoy a holiday visit to London, get fit, walk as much as possible, and avoid the Underground at all cost! You will see far, far more.
  10. To be fair (IMO) the LE will stay for a while yet due to being a hit with the tourists & good revenue earner

    Disagree in ref to the Underground, TFL has improved vastly over the years, there 'is' ongoing maintenance/upgrade work but this is manily weekends & well advertised on the website,

    Upgrades & Improvements are constanlty ongoing in London due to Crossrail project etc

    mind you visiting Camden Town area is a nightmare at this time of year but good for the tourist,

    But we have to expect this due to the 2012 Olympic Games,

    Lastly check out this: The proposed Shard, which plans to be the Tallest Tower In london

    Dwarfing the LE a bit me thinks???
  11. nock it on the head, go over the bridge in to greys wine bar dungeon and get her smashed on tumblers of port. more fun.

    Overated I say
  12. If, like me, you are too old for RIBs, there are other options.

    There's a company called London Duck Tours that runs trips on an old, amphibious truck. They drive you on a sightseeing tour round Westminster then drive into the Thames for a river tour.

    The trucks are 'as used on D-day' and you can pay extra for the 'D-day experience' where you'll be driven up a beach as a bloke in a Waffen-SS uniform rakes you and the wife with fire from a belt fed machine gun.

    For a more relaxed affair, you can have a lunch or dinner cruise from Westminster pier, on the other side of the river from the Eye. Glass sided boats cruise up and down the river. Food is pretty average but there is often a cabaret and dancing that can be quite good.

    Last time I went, entertainment included:-

    i) a Japanese bloke nodding off during dinner

    ii) other Japs realising that their mate was, in fact, having a stroke

    iii) RNLI lifeboat coming alongside and executing a boarding while under way that would make the Israeli Navy weep with envy

    iv) RNLI blokes trying to speak Japanese

    v) Japs recoiling in horror as we tie up at the nearest pier and their mate is transferred to an ambulance from the 'Engrish NHS that we have heard so much about'

    The Welsh bird who was belting out West End show tunes while all this was happening was barely noticeable.

    Fun like this can be had from many vendors. Just google 'Thames dinner cruise'. The lunch cruise is usually much better value.
  13. Bloody hell I must lead a sheltered life, nothing like that happens to me. Bloody funny though.
  14. When the London Eye first opened, we got a private pod in it because my dad was a British Airways Executive Club Gold Card holder. Basically meant he flew transatlantic twice a week every week, and subsequently funded them quite well.

    Anyway, I've never been more bored. I still had a game boy at that age and spent half the ride playing on that. If it went around in half an hour and cost half as much I might recommend it, but at it's current speed, no thanks. Especially at £54 for 2 people - there are some nice restaurants where you can get dinner for that! (My favourite has always been Hard Rock -10oz burgers, foot-long racks of ribs and all that jazz)

    I've lived in London a long time and the best way to see London is just to walk around it. It's not half as big as it looks, and there are tube stations every few miles for when you get tired.

    IMO, if you want to enjoy London, don't go on the river. It's full of sh*t and the fact that the water is completely green backs up that theory. If you want to enjoy the river, go to Oxford and go punting or rent a canal boat, drive it to Benson, get fish and chips in the riverside diner and then drive it back to Oxford. Much better use of the thames.
  15. Firday morning queues shouldn't be horrendous. Probably not worth paying the extra as you won't be queuing for longer than ten minutes.
    Those Duck Tour things look pathetic. I would question the judgement of anybody who suggested we head down a filthy river on such a garish vehicle, especially when they sound like they run on lawnmover engines. They are for tourists and children.
    Walk her down the Southbank. Lots of places to eat and drink, the Shakespeare's Globe has a nice restaurant, Tate Modern has a nice restaurant (there's Oxo tower if you're feeling flush) and if you're down that far then you're not far from Borough Market which has better food and stuff

    Oh, I found the London Eye quite underwhelming.