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The little things in in life that make your day..?

Driving home from work last night. Nearly dark and all the cars had their lights on.

Chav mong cycling on the other side of the road coming towards me. Dark clothing, no lights and both hands off the handlebars. I only caught a quick glimpse of him before turning my attention back to the road in front of me (I was coming up to a junction) but I could see he was either using his moble phone or eating something and not paying attention to the road.

I heard the shout as I passed him - he was sprawled on the pavement on top of his bike, with his stuff scattered across the pavement. He must have hit something in the gutter or clipped the kerb. Whatever, it was enough to smash him into the pavement.

Made me smile the rest of the way home...

Learn to ride a bike properly you dumb fecking mong! :)

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Walking a cut cornfield with the family and shooting some birds, followed by a smoked prime rib sandwich.

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