The Little Mole Who Knew it was None of his Business


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I think everybody should read "The Little Mole."
It's the story of a mole, who wakes up one day to find that some animal has cr*pped on his head. The book follows the mole's quest to find out who it was. Every time he meets an animal and asks them, they reply, "No. Mine looks like this," and we are treated to an illustrated drawing of various animals' faeces. The mole eventually enlists the help of two flies to help him track down the culprit, who eventually lead him to the dog.
A heart-warming tale that should be enjoyed by all! :D
I can't beleive you gave away "Whodunnit"!! Whats the point of reading it now??
it all sounds a bit Freudian and prostate-obsessive
Probably translated from German. Check the authors' names.

German? Sh1tting?


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