The Little Hotel on the Corner

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chunkygucci, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. When I say 'Little Hotel on the Corner', I mean GUARD ROOM.

    Who had the worst beasting of their life whilst paying a visit?

    I spent two days polishing copper piping around the urinals and toilet and painting the edges of the floor black with a tooth brush.

    I bulled the RSM's parade boots and the finished them off with KLEER floor polish for the ultimate shine.

    It rained on his Monday AM parade and they went blue.

    I was in the SH*T and spent an few days in the Guard Room.

    One of the beasting was arms straight in front holding a floor buffer pole (lump of iron attached) touching the ceiling whilst adopting a stress position.

    If the top of the pole can of the ceiling, I got a wack on the ankles.

    I got marched to the cook house in triple time.On a normal walk it would take 2 minutes. With the RP's, half an hour of drill.

    Punishment or torture? :eye:

    I only had starch particles on my light weight's.

    Good old military discipline.
  2. I saw the thread and thought it was going to be about the Pink House in Walsrode! All good character building stuff, sorely lacking in todays army i'm afraid.
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  3. Still,it did you no harm eh?
  4. Well he can't see a bumper pole without breaking out in a cold sweat but apart from that!
  5. I once cried in the guardroom during a beasting. It was my second visit during one drill lesson. I was first jailed for some drill movement misdemeanour, then after marching at Mach 10 to the guardroom the nasty RPs beasted and shouted at me; then on my return to the drill square, on my approach to the Troop Sergeant to ask permission to fall back in the squad, I fucked up my halt (much to everyone's amusement), and was summarily returned to the guardroom - where I'd only just come from - where the nasty RPs repeated their unruly behaviour of shouting and beasting me.

    Fancy that, jailed twice in one morning. I'm pretty sure I missed breakfast that day too.

    So please don't tell anyone that I blubbed, I was only 16 years old and I don't want to carry the teddy bear about all day again.

  6. Not me but whilst virtually driving past Ousten on google earth I noticed that the kerb stones on the access road are in RA colours, someone must have really fucked up to get that one. The access road is about a mile long :p
  7. Absolutely Sir !! quantified by all those work shy, teenage, cowardly, idle bloody nuisances out on ops at the minute.
    I say bring back mustachioed full screws who get their point across with a smooth backhander! That will soon whip some semblance of order amongst the shower of shite weve got to manage with now..
  8. One should never 'Beast' anybody in a Guardroom, there is a distinct possibility
    you could wake up 'The Resident Evil' Provost Sgt, it should always be done
    behind the Guardroom in a Smart, Soldierlike and Uniform Manner, accompanied
    by the occasional crack round about the Snout area and various incomprehensive
    words of encouragement tsk, can we make lean, mean fighting
    machines out of gibbering, cowering knobs!
  9. I used to cry everytime I went to the Guardroom.

    Mainly because I was ROO and had to look at sad sacks of shit who'd fucked up by not ironing their kit or getting wankered over the weekend and smashing the block up.

    Hey ho.
  10. AAGF


    They became familiar to me, those grown men punishing the kids on Rps at Arborfield Boy's School; sorry - Apprentices College, Arborfield. I was a repeat offender, probably due in part at least to the cunningly concealed Tiger Cub hidden in the local farmer's barn. After the usual Officer's Mess fatigues, etc. etc., it got to be when they saw me turn up (again) on the RPs Parade, I was given a brass hose nozzle, a tin of Brasso and a rag and sent behind the Guardroom to polish it for a few hours (It was still shiny from my previous stint). How I suffered! :)

    That was my life of crime - and punishment ...
  11. Did i hit a nerve somewhere....................... ?
  12. Absolutely.

    Another fuckwit hanging on to halycon days of square bashing, jankers and resource wasting histrionics that were generally carried out by passed over no marks and 'shouty shouty men' stuck on RP's for eternity.. :)
  13. You spent more than your fair share of time bumpering ceilings didn't you. Go on admit it, did you get shouted at just once too often, a dry bumming in trap 1 perhaps. It wasn't personal you know, no need to let it ruin your life.......................... Put it behind you man, move forward. Failing that, checkout which forum we are in, it's the fucking NAAFI FFS, get a grip and a life!
  14. Dont back peddle sweetheart, you've obviously got an itchy fanny because no one is made to stand out in the rain anymore, how was it in the cavalry in your day?
  15. Sweetheart............ bloody Sweetheart.............. ill have you know that in the cavalry in those days were were treated fairly by all the officers and seniors, exactly as serfs and peasants should be, never did us any harm at all.