the little git keeps hacking my computer, stop it!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by predatorplus, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. anyone got any good advice on this topic?? iv caught my brother on my computer many times and each time changed my password, and each time he gets back on. each password has had nothing to do with the last and nothing that would be a big give away to what it is.

    the last 3 have been
    - bang23
    - orange456
    - and my most recent (now changed) was 062689

    i have no idea how this little shit is doing this and that last one just boggles my mind how he got round it.

    he has been using my computer to download stuff, now i wouldnt mind what he is downloading but its old ladies and i dont even want to know what he has done on my computer chair (just washed it). last month i had to do a 100% clear of my computer, everything gone all programs all files etc back to the factory settings, put everything back on and worked fine. i dont want to have to do this again... but otehr thant putting the little feckers head through the machine or haging the mouse and key board out of the house with me i dont see how i can stop this from happening, and why he would even do it when my sister has given him access to her computer (i hope she hasnt got any granny porn 8O )

    any help on this matter will be great
  2. Break his fingers
  3. Check the back of your computer for a key logger - check the USB ports. Its small and stubby smaller than a memory stick.

    Check your Task Manager to see what programs are running. You may have a Keylogging programme running which will enable the user to backdoor XP then enter correct password thus bypassing security.

    Use this to check for a keylogger on your system:

    Anti- Keylogger download
  4. msr

    msr LE

    What operating system do you have?

  5. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    He is probably logging on with the administrator account.

    At the log in screen press Ctrl Alt and Delete at the same time. When A log in box pops up, type in the username "administrator" leave the password box empty and hit enter. Then change the password.

    If you cannot login that way he has probably password protected the account for himself, as by default it is blank.
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    Go into the BIOS (F2 or Del) at startup and ensure that the option to boot from Floppy or CD is after the HDD. He can bypass your password using this option. If you enable the BIOS to need a password to boot up then he won't be able to use it at all, unless he takes the cover off.

    Right click 'My Computer', go to 'Manage' and 'Local users and groups', check he's not set himself up another account. you can change the Administrators password or disable the account here.

    Edit to add: Check for spyware and viruses, these should find keyloggers (correct me if I'm wrong)!
  7. Simple solution:


    Stick that on your room where said computer is located, problem solved even for a spotty, granny porn loving serial thrapper!!! 8)
  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    Put a firewall on that blocks porn and other key words (Internet Explorer has a basic one). Passworded so you can access but he'll become fustrated at failing to view smut.
  9. There's a gazillion different ways to skin the XP cat (assuming you are using it) on a typical home installation. The one change with biggest effect will be to put a password on boot which can be set in the BIOS (likely F2 as said above, but basically where it says 'press xzy for setup' then press xyz easy).

    Worth tying down the above, and if you discover some software or a hardware keystroke logger then change your email, banking and other passwords.
  10. Buy him "Granny sucks c0ck" mags from your local petrol station. Top shelf 3 along from "Busty Asian babes"............. I think :oops:
  11. Go on you can be straight with us, there's bound to be worse on here, it was you really wasn't it :wink:
  12. Check " guest" account is switched off also.

    Also re-boot and before the splash screen hit F8. Choose safe mode then enter. Choose Administrator at the log on screen. If you can not log in with a blank password. He owns the system and you need this tool to get it back: RTFM.

    If you can get into the Admin account, password protect it and use all tips given in this thread. If not use the tool above. Reset all passwords delete all acounts exept yours and change your password. Then disable boot to Floppy Disk and CD Rom in the bios setup.

    Now, go google the rainbow books, read and learn about computer system security!
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. Granny porn? are you taking the pish? christ, your brother needs a psycho-doc asap!

    how can he find saggy, wrinkled and rotting flaps a turn on? :p

    considering you have shared your passwords with the whole world, you dont write them down anywhere do you? :p