The link between predator strikes and golf

Interestingly, the much-criticised predator strikes (with all the attendant collateral damage) have been stepped up under O, and the media outrage has turned into silence. Apparently, O has authorised more predator strikes in the last 3 months than W authorised in his last 3 years.

Also, every time W played a round of golf, he got media criticism. It has been alleged, however, that O has played more golf in the last 9 months than W played in 8 years. But weren't the media telling us previously that it was unacceptable for POTUS to be playing golf at a time of war?

What interesting times we live in...


Fair play to him.

"Go blow this up. And this. Right, that's me for the day. Show me the pictures in the 19th hole."
But why was the same thing not considered fair play for W? That's rather the point...