The Line Belt

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by scousemech, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. Digging out some gear the other day and I came across my line belt which led me to wondering now that Telemechs have now moved over to Installation Techs do they still were the Line Belt or is it just the old sweats.
  2. Don't know of any telemechs/inst techs who still do even the old sweats. I know that neither of the two most senior mechs in trade, both WO2's , wear line belts and I don't know many SSgt's who do either.
  3. I know a sgt who does
  4. PM the WO2's Details is one J H
  5. Why do mechs wear the "Liney" belt anyway?
  6. Why do lineys where the line belt anyway? No line left!!! Prepare for incoming!! No not fishing for a bite but agree with chocolate why do mech's where the line belt?
  7. Telemechs shouldn't even have a friggin line belt unless of course they have played freckles, drank out of the pwuke barrel, ate shit sannies and been on a line det laying 10 pair and lifting the drum all on your lonesome, P3 quad, Lightweight and D10 slinging hooo haaa they were the days line belts are for lineys and thats the way it should be.

    bitter and twisted

    Ex Liney earning big bucks in Afghanistan

  8. bitter and twisted

    Ex Liney earning big bucks in Afghanistan


    what job you doing in afgan?????
  9. Lineys_rule I am doing Line work and fibre optics at the NATO base by Kabul airport for a Canadian company ATCO Frontec. They are always looking for people PM your CV if interested big project coming up soon on the build of the new NATO base here on the North side of the runway once it has been cleared for mines lol


  10. Just one more thing to polish innit??

    Personally, the Lineys are welcome to it!