The lincolnshire poacher

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by theblindking, May 6, 2008.

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  1. evenin' all.

    being as keen as the proverbial Colemans (and slightly dull) I've been boning up on my Corps history and traditions.
    Can anyone tell me why the regimental march is the Lincolnshire poacher? I am aware that technicaly it isn't (it's "the rose and laurel", a combo of the aforementioned tune and "sly renard the fox"), however I was under the impression that there was always some significance behind the choice of marches.
    I have developed a little theory of my own, which, if my research is any good would mean that you will just tell me to wind my neck in. Please do.

    On another subject, does anyone know if Jock Haswell's Book on Colquhoun Grant "the first repectable spy" has been re-printed? I once owned a copy, which apparently would be worth about £150 if I hadn't used it for rollies.
  2. Well im confused....

    Corps history and regimental marches? your either in a corps or in a regiment, since when can the two be one?

    The Lincolshire poacher is a regi march for the angleirons isnt it?
  3. The tune of the Lincolnshire Poacher was used as a marker by the BBC World Service (on short wave) to indicate coded messages would follow for field agents in early cold war days. It was legendary, and fooled nobody.

  4. Cheers Pyro,

    That's exactly where I was going...
  5. Ahh, though so :)

    Still operational, Lincolnshire Poacher, Cherry Ripe and so forth.

    This link will tell you everything that is in publc domain, some things best not to ask too much about
  6. Much obliged Pyro.

  7. The Corps Rap is "Blesse mon coeur d'une langueur monotone", hit out on a streetful of dustbin lids. It's chilly, man.
  8. Edited for mong double posting
  9. Da long sobs ov dem autumn violins gets me every time, innit.
  10. Sweet. Leve toi et rap, WB. Perhaps you could post an audio for our enjoyment?
  11. Sorry, this tinnitus precludes any type of music-related internet activity on my part. Those dustbin lids, you know.
  12. is it just me or is the tune of the Linconshire Poacher very similar to the old advertisment jingle of "a finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat!"
  13. I thought the Corps march was the same as that wee tune from Laurel and Hardy! aruppy rup-aruppy rup - diddily pop - a diddily pop!! :lol:
  14. This is probably of limited help to you as it only addresses part of your question, but my understanding is that many Regimental Marches were chosen by old Col. Fustylugs back in 1793 or BGen Windy-Britches in 1805 because they liked the tune, or it was popular with the troops.
    I believe there are still one or more regiments in the British Army that use the French march "Ca Ira" (now known as The Downfall of Paris?) because they played it back to taunt the French during the Peninsular War. Can anyone confirm?
  15. The Prince of wales's inherited it from their forbears the west yorks, combined with something about some strumpet from Barnsley - allegedly.