The Light Dragoons

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Hello everyone, I'm new here.

So I'm booked in for selection in a few weeks time, my first choice being The Rifles, I've researched this regiment a lot, got a lot of information and feeling confident about what I know.
I wasn't sure what I wanted as a second choice so after a lot of research I've come to the conclusion that I can see my self joining The Light Dragoons, howether I can't find to much information on them? I've been on the Army website , searched google and even through this forum, I've found the very basics on them but wondering if anyone knows about them, or joined them?

Also I've read up on a lot of people saying the ice breaker has been scrapped at selection? Haven't read anything official so I'll prepare one anyways just incase, anyone had selection very recently and can expand on that? I'll be at Glencorse.


There are two sticky threads dedicated to "which unit should I join" and "questions about ADSC". Please use them.
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