The Light Dragoons

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 223335spog, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Looking for info on this unit. Appreciate all good info, try to keep the p!sstaking down to a minimum lads. Cheers.

    Try this one its a bit more informative than the army site, use the news link to find out what the regiment has been up to lately.
  3. why u after a bit of range clear up. thats all they ever do. full of rimmers and yes men, and always get shafted on HO/TO QDG telic 2, QDG telic 6. join them, at least thier grown up have have balls.
  4. Nice one snaptin
  5. Flyingrockdj

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  6. Deleted
  7. PM me if you have any questions. Are you posted to the Medics at Swanton Morley?
  8. I have worked with both the L.D.s and the Q.D.G.'s and have found them both to be good units
  9. no, not QDG but LD have done feck all, peace keeping thats it, if u want ot go to war, go to the QDG, as for u ozergobble, u must be taking some LD meat to back them up on here. plugged air tight no doubt.
  10. shame its so true
  11. My god i have not heard the old ''QDG sheepshaggers '' one before . 40% of the regiment are english anyway . And we are so crap that the Government send us to war all the time . ummmm i wonder why . However the LD's are good lads and we always get on with them , i dont know what the drama ref HO/TO is the LD seemed very happy with what they got of us before taking into account we had been in lots of contacts etc with those wagons .
  12. grown up where happy, the lads were not, still cleaning up ur shite from handover, 97 a jobs on one wagon. how contacts did u lot have? every day by the sounds of it cuz u done feck all to the wagons. looks u like spent more time putting ur gay eagle cap badge then doing any graft. any chance i can transfer, th LDs are full of bull shite artisits, a least u lot know when not to give a feck.
  13. I asked for some info not for a slanging match. But thanks anyway
  14. Cat weasel i am not getting into a slagging match with the LD's , i have loads of mates there and everyone was happy with handover , so you can ram it . Any way if you want to transfer to the QDG great you would be most welcome how ever you do have to pass the Spelling test first . Toptip on the test braindead''CHAV'' chat will lose you points so maybe you should spend a bit of time practising .