the light dragoons.. right for me ?

hello im new to this and just wanted to know being from leeds which FR regiment in the RAC would be right for me. i noticed the royal dragoon guards recruit from yorkshire but i want an FR regiment, could anyone suggest any?


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The Light Dragoons?
the LD? helps if your a cross-dresser and if all your civvy mates are lesbians.........
To the original poster,

Join the Light Dragoons; they are an excellent organisation and as a Yorkshire lad you will fit in with at least half of the Regiment.

I would also suggest that Brigade Reconnaissance Regiments probably have a healthier future than the heavy end of the RAC (as much as it pains me to say it)

Good luck.

PS - I wouldn'y pay much attention to the majority of advice that you will get on here (less mine clearly which is pertinent, accurate and relevant!)
I am working very closely with them at the moment.

They have recruiting guys at the ACIOs in Newcastle, Midlesborough and Hull - if you can get yourself to one of those speak directly to a LD bloke, anyone else will just try and poach you for whatever chip-shop mob they belong to!
ye thanks for that i tried finding out about them in the leeds office and they were no help at all. could you tell me abit about what they do?
Pickfords Light Horse might do it for you, the move very fast I,m told.
I am a bit busy at the moment but I would suggest that you follow Alien FTM's advice and also 'google' The Light Dragoons and take your pick from any of the many official websites that come up. After that get yourself to an ACIO (preferably one with an LD recruiter) and don't take no for an answer. If you are not resourceful, determined and able to use your initiative then to be honest the Army is not going to be that interested in you.

Good luck

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