Discussion in 'Officers' started by Connors, Aug 24, 2004.

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  1. HELLO.
    I am trying to write an article on the pretty sweet life of officers - dinners, nifty uniforms, skiing, shooting, etc. etc.
    Does anyone have any good tales of how fantastic it is be an officer in the British Army (ie, "we got four thousand bottles of dom perignon, filled a lake with champagne and then all rode our polo ponies into it").
    or about how it's all a public school old boys nightmare network?
  2. How about, apply, go to Sandhurst, Join a Regiment and experience first hand !
  3. lol, who are you writing this article for then?
  4. best to call it an un-named glossy magazine. i don't want to prejudice people against giving good replies.
  5. You must be desperate for facts, you know the current thread is working, why post it twice?? (even in different forums)

    Not entirely sure you have any idea what tyou're researching. Hows about doing like MB said. Or try phoning up your local regt and letting them know what you're up to. Then they might even let you come and see what goes on. Maybe..
  6. didn't realise it had posted twice. i've clearly rather undermined my position with such a rookie error.
  7. Far from it. Having poor IT skills marks you down as Officer material.
  8. I thought Tatler only had to ask the Secretaries? :D
  9. ahem - no comment.
  10. You need to speak to some LEs. They're for ever riding bloody polo ponies through the Mess, with their Hooray Henriettas in tow. Most of them attended very good schools and they are forever playing the 'old school tie' game.

    Their on duty antics are not much better. You can never find them as they are almost always on the piste or blasting the local wildlife into extinction with their new 'Purdies'.

    Nothing but a bunch of jumped up Champagne Charlies..
  11. Sorry - excuse my ignorance again - what is an LE?
  12. Late Entry Officer.............

    commissioned from the ranks (ex RSMs etc) and otherwise commonly known as Retread or Grumpy Old Man :D and therefore pretty unlikely to have a wife called henrietta or to have been to public school

    Baddass is clearly in the REME :D
  13. So you’re not interested in the hard work and dedication to the lads then?
  14. Officers don't drink Dom Perignon (expensive filth).................more likely to be Bollinger or Pol Roger

    The life you describe is vanishing fast..............most officers are too busy working their arrses off on operational tours, training exercises, soldiers' career management and trying to persuade them not to leave, Investors in people, covering for striking firefighters, reinforcing understrength regiments on their tours, foot and mouth and any other shite jobs that Tony and Geoff see fit to give them and so when they and their troops do get time off they will play hard. Despite the stats the average interval between tours is now at most 6 months and less for most specialists

    The household division and some line cavalry regiments like to be perceived as fulfilling the stereotype but most people are too busy!

    I suspect that whatever we say here the article will be true to stereotype and full of the kind of errors that usually wind us up! :x

    But then again maybe I'm wrong :roll:
  15. yes but. recruitment is going up - and people must be attracted to something. you want people, surely, who like fun and skiing and mess rugby, instead of people who go in salivating, thirsting if you will, after paperwork and politics?
    if you paint too accurate a picture of the hard work, people might be put off. you need the articles that show the fun bits, just as much as you need the ones that talk about how grim it can be sometimes. hence, please submit party stories and perks a-plenty.