The life of an Irish man in the British Army

Discussion in 'Ireland (ie. Irish Defence Force)' started by The Badgers' Hole, May 30, 2011.

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  1. I was hopping to get some responses from Irish lads (or ladies:)) that are or were in the British Army. I was just thinking about general and practical stuff.

    Peoples responses from your service in the Army. I'm really talking about people who will enivitably find out about it (Family, local people, employers after service etc). Do people really care if you were in the British Army or which regiment you had joined. There could be a very big difference in opinion if you were to join the Para's or Royal Irish/Irish guards, or even the Royal Navy/RAF.

    Do you travel back home on your time off or would you stay over instead.

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  2. Lots of us in the big green machine,come and join us.
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  3. Here, here! Joining the British Army is one of the oldest Irish traditions there is! ;) Inevitably people will find out (that's if you actually tell anyone!?), if people want to slate you because of your career choice, then they probably weren't worth knowing in the first place! If it's your intention to join up, then good luck!
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  4. My great grandad was born in Limerick and joined up in 1857 for 22 years service
    My grand dad was born in the Cape of Good Hope (Great grandad was stationed there with 86th Reg of foot with his mum) and joined the Royal Irish Rifles in 1886 for 28 years
    My Dad was born in Dundalk and joined the Royal Ulster Rifles in 1924 for 36 years
    Yep join the Fightin' Irish!
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  5. How are ya mate... i'm in the middle of my application to the RM and loving it so far...

    No one i knew had a problem bar 2... and needless to say i quite simply told them were to go and they soon realised how retarded they were being...

    i do get a bitta stick from me mates but no more than i would if i worked in McDonalds etc... so it's harmless... i've gotten in touch with alot of Irish people who are in the BA and RN and none of em have said they had any problem getting home... though most say they just don't bother and have settled over here properly...

    as for stigmatism about regiment etc... join anything you want mate... no one cares (most people anyway) what regiment it is you join... and Irish people haven't a clue about any of the regiments or branch's unless they are into the military... me personally though i avoided the Paras... i don't like there history (i.e. Northern Ireland and Greece) and i've heard things about their demeanor toward the other branches of the BA, RAF and RN.... it's one thing taken the piss out of another branch but actually not being friendly to them because they aren't one of you is a joke.... i'm sure there'll be a Para along to defend them in a minute and i want to point out i never said it was all of them but i've heard about the few...

    anyway mate best of luck :)
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  6. I hear all irishmen are thick micks and chase little people for thier lucky charms.:)

    No I aint a para but you cant make sweeping statements because you heard from a mates sisters auntie who saw something in the paper about them.
    Like all units you get good and bad, I have worked with many units in my 22 years and I would not say that one was better than any other, a few have strange customs but that is it.
    I f you want to join the Army then join but make your own choice.
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  7. You heard right ;)

    as i said "me personally" it wasn't meant to have an impact on him.... and the bit about N.I and Greece isn't something i've "heard from me grannys auties yada yada yada" it's fact... but it's also history hence why i mentioned that it'll be the few not them all.....

    The Paras can be dicks storys are something i've heard from a few people both Navy and Army and they're people whose opinion i do value (on most things anyway)

    by the way just to pick at your reply and cause i'm bored in work you said i made a "sweeping statement" when i clearly didn't... shocking misleading by you good sir :p
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  8. Howarya now, good to hear your getting on well app.

    If you don't mind me asking did the recruiter ask you why you wanted to join RM and not our PDF? I was thinking if they would question your motivation for joining the military in the first place. Like for me I had the intention of joining the PDF years ago but have gone off the idea, mainly because it's impossible to get in and the lack of oversea's deployment etc. For examle for British cit they would probably say that they wanted to be a Rm all there life (or something along those lines) while an oversea's applicant would have a different reason. Also how long does the security clearance typically take, I've heard it could take anything up to 6 months but this could have changed?

    Anyways I like the idea of coming back to Ireland after my service, and the people who I outlined would be people who will find out whether I tell them or not. (Employer-work experience, family-neighbours-friends-small town talk stuff). From the few people I know who joined seemed to have settled over there, probably is just more practical.
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  9. I can see it now:

    Act one scene one, a BHQ somewhere....

    WO1 RSM Pete (the nasty) Gimlet (enters stage left) "Pte O'really, what the **** are you doing in BHQ, CO's orders isn't until Friday"

    "Bejayzus Sir, Oi woz only tarmacking your office, so I woz Sir"

    Lights dim for a fast scene change, sound of blurred ammo boots, shouting, heavy door bolts and finally seagulls, lights go on to reveal MCTC Colchester....newly tarmacked...
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  10. I'll be able to answer that question better after my interview on Tuesday mate... it's only been mentioned in passing thus far when they asked do I have any time to serve in our forces and I told them I'd been discharged from the RDF and the circumstance in which i did it and I told him I'd refused acceptance for the PDF which he was glad to hear as it meant less paperwork for him... but realistically... the fact you applied to another force surely shows that the military is the lifestyle you thrive for.... turning down one option for a better one surely show initiative that your willing to go the extra mile to try and get what you want

    as for security clearance all I've done so far has been sign the "Rehabilitation of Offenders Act" which pretty much says you've never been charged yada yada yada... on Tuesday i'm to fill out a proper security thing and I'll be asked a bollock loada questions about my past so again I'll be better informed about it next week...

    My CA (careers advisor) said that the security clearance can take anywhere from 2 - 8 months depending on extenuating circumstances which are out of my control altogether but you can complete your app without clearance though you won't be able to start recruit training till its confirmed ur not a member of the IRA ;P and considering that the waiting list for the British forces at the minute are about as long as my knob, you'll have plenty of time for the clearance to come through...

    Right now for the Navy to join as a Rating the time frame from application to Basic somewhere from 14 - 20 months... a shocking long wait like due to all the applicants... and fro the RM its about 7 - 12 months... not too sure what the army's app time is like but thats just what i know about the RN and RM...

    At the minute i'm all for coming home whenever i can but i'm sure that will fade when i meet a girl who i'm willing to stay with for more than one night and i get my own place... and i've told everyone.... only people who said a bad word were 2 mates 1 male 1 female... both who've realised their ignorance and have gotten over it... i also got a bitta flak from me mates in the RDF and me mates who were on the same RT i was accepted to for the PDF but it's all harmless stuff (any lads give ya stick just slag them for supporting English football and sending there money to the "enemy")

    and i dunno what age you are or whether you've told your mam and dad your intentions yet but mine flipped out... i was threatened to be disowned etc... and moved in with my sister for the few days before i left as my mam really wasn't happy... however my mam and dad are both over it too and are well proud that i'm takin a hold of my life and am off to do something i clearly want to (and would love to) do... and they had a wee party when i went home last weekend..

    nice long winded message for ya there, sorry just couldn't stop typing... anyway best of luck lad... i'll keep ya updated and you do the same ;)

    p.s. cernunnos you **** :)
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  11. account closed
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  12. Await incoming.
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  13. Appreciate the British? are you having a ******* laugh? what the hell do you mean? are we supposed to bow down before the Poms and be thankful to the paras (since you mentioned them) for what happened in our past?

    I can only assume this is a Wah as no one is as retarded and narrow minded as that... and what do you mean you wouldn't be seen in a Brit uniform up north or down south cause half the country would kidnap you? Your clearly an idiot thats never been to Ireland and is going off what you've heard or read about in an Andy McNab book... your probably the kind of idiot that thinks every Afghan is part of the Taliban and that every Catholic Priest has it off with kids...

    Fact is yes there is a small contingent of northerners who would attempt to maybe beat you up or kill you if they got the chance but it has nothing to do with the rest of the population who most of which wouldn't care and the rest would just say distasteful things about you... much the same way as there's probably a few Brits who'd be more than happy to see muslims in their areas lynch mobbed whilst others would ignorantly talk about why the muslims are wrecking the area and the rest wouldn't care...

    and let me assure you nothing would happen if you were in a British uniform down south (and pray tell why would you be in a uniform you idiot) provided you stayed away from the dodgy places and a few pubs but thats the same everywhere... i'm living in England and was told the pub that i should probably avoid...
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  14. Hi there

    Sorry I am not Irish I do know you only wanted Irish people on this thread but
    can you tell me in detail why you avoided the Para's...they seem to be very independent from others.

  15. we don't only won't Irish people on thi thread ya nut anyone can post here :thumright:

    but as for the Paras... well they had a very bad rep up the north during the trouble for being extremely heavy handed as in beating civvies and threatening people who didn't comply with what they said immediately... and then were more than happy to lie about what had happened to the higher ups if needed (if ya want any more info about how they outright lied just ask).... that coupled with the killing of a child some where in the mid 1970's and the events of Bloody Sunday at the beginning of the 70s both of which the paras tried to avoid standing up and admitting they had done wrong in just leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth about the parachute regiment... hence why i won't join them... if a regiment is willing to act like that then it's not one i'd like to be apart of...