the life and times of walter mitty


Book Reviewer
Yes army{corp of drums,grenadier guards} 10 years joined 1990|2000 life is full of walters

Harry, please select the correct thread.
His brains are probably suffering from concussion from all the banging of the percussion.
Sounds like the only way out for you is the sweet, sweet release of death.

I look forward to hearing of your demise due to carbon monoxide poisoning in your piss-stained flat.
I think you should hit the sleeping bag mate its getting abit late,besides havent you got to sign on tomorrow?
Shouldn't you be lying back on your scratcher recalling that time you fingered your daughter?
Hello Harry73. Does your father spoonfeed you his seed from your anus every night?
I'll see your corps of drums and raise you an oildrum with a corpse in it.


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