The Leveson Inquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_Frotter, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Bliar will come out of this Inquiry as pure as driven snow. How do I know this? Mandelson and Campbell have already stated that Bliar is innocent of any wrong-doing - end of!

    At a tangent, what is going on with that 'other' inquiry whose name escapes me? The one into the invasion of Iraq - the one that will find Bliar innocent of any wrong-doing; will determine that Campbell is a loyal, honest and dependable subject of her Majesty; recommends further promotion for Scarlett, and the one that will announce that it was all the fault of Dr. Kelly and Mrs. Thatcher.

    Is this inquiry still gobbling up in large gulps my tax money? If so, why? Practically any Arrsser could write the summary of the findings.
  2. No chance of that - he didn't do a lot of squirming during the Iraq enquiry and that involved loss of life and mass destruction - he's hardly going to get a sweat-on over a couple of newspapers which may have listened in to a few celebrities phone messages.
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  3. Another Leveson enquiry thread??! Seriously?!
  4. PA, who's the totty in your avatar?
  5. Didn't he use that as a chance to call for "dealing with Iran"?

    And they say Ahmadinejad is a "hastener"!
  6. Face it, Bliar is never going to see justice. A shame there are no "grassy knolls" near the RCJ. I'm going to have to watch it just to see his face not give two fucks as he's untouchable. I'm sure he'll just see it as face time to assist his 'return to politics'.
  7. What a slimy **** he is. Nothing's changed. Watching it now.
  8. Shiny arsed lawyer quizzing another shiny arsed lawyer,it gets us nowhere unless Tony has a new book coming out......
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  9. Yep. He's yet to be asked a diffficult question!
  10. They are just having a friendly chat,,,I thought this was the Leveson Inquiry,not the Leveson Chat Show.....
  11. Sofa cross-examination?
  12. Long gone, with pension in hip pocket. Now in the commercial world and into cyber space security stuff. Coming soon to a laptop near you.
  13. Wasn't it Blair who removed the death penalty for treason?
  14. It was impliedly repealed when the European Convention on Human Rights was given direct effect in the UK via the Human Rights Act.