The Leith Police DONT chaseth us!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Auld-Yin, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    From the Edinburgh Evenigh News 8/11/07

    The e-mails are spot on

    The e-mails:

    The original e-mail

    The police response:

    The reposte
  2. He's certainly got a way with words and yes of course he can have a four month head start after using the claw hammer. All the prisons are full so all he has to do is ensure he's an ethnic minority before committing the act :wink:
  3. The obedient servant bit makes me think he was probably ex-forces :D
  4. PMSL when I first read them in the Evening News. Good Drills, that man! :D :D

    Then I realised just how accurate this guy's views are; policing in Edinburgh is a fcuking joke. Lothian and Borders Police are practically AWOL. When/if they eventually turn up in response to a member of the public's call, they never seem to actually nick anyone. They seem to favour a "softly, softly" approach, which means the local scum treat them -and the law abiding majority - with utter contempt. :twisted:

    Obviously, some fat, lazy cnut at the local station does'nt like someone telling the truth and has decided to leak the emails to the press. I hope he/she is found and disciplined, but I'm not gonna hold my breath: when it comes to protecting their own, coppers close ranks faster than a Guards Regiment on ceremonial duties... :x
  5. :D Good stuff his writing is funny hope he writes a book, we need people like him to make us laugh. Make you wonder what the local plod do? P.C. Plod and Noddy would do a better job. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Sounds about right for Tayside Police as well, whose only two duties are guarding sheep and ignoring chav based crime. Oh and speeding fines. Lots and lots of speeding fines.
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I bought my grandson a Lego police station for his birthday. When he opened it, it was empty, apart from a note that said'because of lack of resources, and in order to improve our service to customers, this police station will now be closed and all officers re-assigned to Diversity, Community and Ethnic Gay/Lesbian/transgender issues'
  8. ah theres no justice like angry mob justice :pissed: :threaten: :pissedoff: start your own police force
  9. I just sent this to a friend who is a copper with L&B plods, he has been working in Edinburgh for the last few weeks, after a few grumbling noises he admitted the wooly suits are all passing it round the rest rooms and sniggering up their sleeves. Strangely the big men in blue are not quiet so amused.
  10. Sounds like S Wales. I can't work out what you have to do to get arrested in Cardiff, Bridgend or Swansea on a Friday night - probabally smoke in a bar. Everything else seems fair game.
  11. I wonder if I can send it to Durham none communications centre.
  12. A very amusing story and by the way it seems to be spreading itself around from one person or group to another, many are being entertained by it.

    At least it would be were it not for two points.

    Firstly, this frustration felt by tax paying, law abiding citizens is not restricted to this one area. There are the same things happening all over the country. Were it just a case of the police being too busy with more serious crime I could sort of understand it. But, even those who commit very serious crime are quite often able to poke a middle finger at the rest of society because they have all the lawyers, legal aid, CPS and lack of police resources stacking the odds in their favour at the detriment to the rights of the victim. As has been pointed out, there is no shortage of speed cameras, parking fines or fines for taking a drink of coke at traffic lights.... but they bring money in..... cynical, me?

    Secondly, any communication with the police would be expected to be in confidence, not found to be spreading around the wider community for their amusement. Is it any wonder that some people, who feel that if it is known that they have passed on information to the police would be at risk, just shut their doors and suffer in silence? The police state that the community should help them to help themselves. But it is this double whammy of lack of confidence that ensures that they don't. Speak out and they become a target... and even if they do the police don't seem to do anything anyway.... making them an OPEN target.

    A couple of amusing emails yes, but some very serious points.
  13. Seconded.

    Cyinical? Anyone who is'nt cynical has'nt been paying attention... :x

  14. Could it be any worse than the Police Farce we've got already :?
  15. Ditto for Northants police - however they are very, very good at supporting our Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Why my sleepy little village gets a CCTV van parked in the high street a few times a week, when our last major crime was someone nicking a pumpkin is beyond me...... My little crime-free village has resources pumped into it, whilst other force areas where crime is rife, and I've been held up at knifepoint on a few occasions seem to be Police no-go areas! I posted a few months ago, about how a little scroat lobbed a stone at my car windscreen doing 60mph, and I had the Police 'call centre operative' tell me this wasn't a Police issue..........